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Circus show Dreams d Pitanga ' summer Cesuna di Roana Sunday August 26, 2012 Con

Sunday 26/8/2012 at 21:00

Circo Pitanga a Cesuna di RoanaCircus show " Dreams d Pitanga ' summer " Cesuna di Roana Sunday August 26, 2012

Continues cuCuFestival: review of itinerant performances on the streets of the Village of Roana, Asiago plateau, from 24 to August 26, 2012.

L ' last show of the festival, scheduled for Sunday, August 26, 2012 to Cesuna of Roana, is called "Dreams d ' estate" and is made by Circo Pitanga.

The event will begin at ' /21:00 at the former Cesuna station.

This is the last appointment of cuCu ' Festival, Festival which animated those three evenings with shows and appreciated and applauded throughout the world.


Pitanga circus is a contemporary circus artists duo that combines aerial acrobatics on smooth rope and fabrics with acrobalance and theatre.

Coming from different backgrounds, Loïse and Oren met in Brazil's National Circus School of Rio de Janeiro in 2009.

CircoPitanga is the fruit of the encounter of two original people, certain and complementary.

With his unique style, brings on stage techniques and innovative choreography inspired by itinerant life.



Dreams d ' estate is exceptional spectacle. Both the technical level of the two artists for the intensity with which they interpret their characters.

An intense melodrama that dosa wisely circus and theater, amazing techniques and poetry.

The narrative welcomes us in an unexpected way. A separation, abandonment for sadness or boredom in memory of dreamlife and never lived.

One Jolt in a love relationship can give rise to several setbacks. A world shatters when two souls come back to live and feel ...

Loneliness, expectations. Maybe just listening that you find in mutual respect can save us from sinking.

So while slide towards the farewell, a doubt catches us. Hope or maybe the madness we come to the rescue. A letter, a handful of words lost in paper can create and destroy. We saved finally leading through understanding of ourselves, sharing with each other.

Only then, in a crescendo of emotion and after having engulfed in suspense acrobatics, the two protagonists will accompany us to new and more serene shores.


To see the entire program of the Festival of street theatre CuCuFestival click on: 2012 CuCuFestival Roana

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