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CORRADO PASSERA presents I have meetings with the author, August 17, 2014 Gallio

Sunday 17/8/2014 at 17:30
Libro Io siamo di Corrado Passera

Meetings with the author at the 17 August Gallium Corrado Passera presents his book I are in collaboration with the library reached the point

ATTENTION: Please note that due to personal reasons the author expected the meeting with CORRADO PASSERA was cancelled. The organizers apologize for the mixup.

Sunday 17 August 2014 at the Palasport Auditorium of Gallio, the Asiago plateau, at 17.30 hours will take place the presentation of the book by Corrado Passera entitled I are. Together to build a better Italy.

From 13 to 23 August to Gallium will hold a series of events titled literary encounters with the author, in which the authors will present his book going to reveal the backstory and curiosity.

The exhibition is organized by the library reached the point which is going on IV Novembre 63 in Asiago.

I are by Corrado Passera

You can and you have to believe in a better future for our country. This is the challenge that Corrado Passera wants to engage to win, bringing the politics to service role that today has lost, in Alexander and humiliated as the intrusiveness and the dullness of party politics.

In Italy there are 10 million people who have no work or are so sfiduciate they stopped looking, they're layoffs or do not earn enough to support a family.

10 million people who live with the fear of tomorrow and the anguish of poverty are not a statistic: a powerful factor of social distress that threatens to blow up theentire system. To combat theemergency work not enough zero comma ripresine or sounding ads that, at best, have the effectiveness of palliative care. We need a constant growth of 2-3% per annum, which you can't suck without entering in our economics resources for at least 400 billion. Cannot find them? No, nor are impossible deep reforms giving economic system competitiveness and simplicity in the institutions, valuing respect, responsibility, openness, generosity, courage. Starting from the courage of truth: watching things as they are, do not escape the unsolved problems for decades.

In this book, Passera presents anin-depth analysis of the crisis and its causes, a number of proposed organic concrete to come out and a new vision of politics as a collective project capable of affect and involve citizens, that the project has pushed to open the yard of a new movement, Only Italy. The purpose is only one: make sure that the Italy – firm for twenty years and condemned to decline or to ruin if it resumes in hand its destiny – to be one of the best Countries in which to live.

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