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Cross-country lessons + Orienteering 2015

Saturday 7/2/2015 at 10:00
Lezioni SKIO e Sci

Lessons in cross-country skiing and Orienteering 2015

The lessons will be at the Centro Fondo Campolongo di Rotzo (VI), in collaboration between the local Ski School and Ski Orienteering Asiago 7 Comuni Klubb.

The proposed technique is the Skating or inline skating technique as it is what usually you use ski-races or with additions of classical technique.

To: basic level, intended for those who have never practiced cross-country/orientation or who practice recently in CLASSICAL TECHNIQUE.

B: Advanced Level, for those who already have a certain technique to refine itself.


The contents include learning or perfecting Ski-technique and the technique of ski orienteering, according to the below schedule:

-Meeting at the center bottom, accreditation and information to students.

-Theoretical introduction on technique of cross-country skis and ski orienteering (0.5 hours)

-Lesson practice cross country skiing (1 hour)-level A, level B

-Lesson ski orienteering, map and compass exercises (1 hour)-level A, level B


-end of lesson, and delivery certificates.


Every Saturday in January, February, and March 2015.


Can be made at the following E-mail address info@scuolascicampolongo.com and at cell. 347.83.83.615 within the previous Friday, indicating if the level (base), or B (superior).

There may be multiple entries in multi-day lessons to enhance learning of cross-country skiing/orientation.

The participation fee is € 15 per lesson, plus 8 € for entry to the Fund which will not be paid by those who have seasonal card with said centre, and where you can also noleggiarsi the equipment (skis, boots).

The lessons are carried out with a minimum of 8 persons.

All rights reserved.

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