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CUCU itinerant shows cycle FESTIVAL-from 30 August to Roana 1 September

Dal 30/8/2013 al 1/9/2013

cuCu Festival di Roana

CUCU FESTIVAL: itinerant performances to cycle from 30 August to Roana 1° settembre

From 30 August until Friday 1 St day of September, in the hamlets of Roana, held the cuckoo Festival: various itinerant shows with jugglers, puppeteers, magicians , acrobats, comedians and much more.




MITTEWALD 238: circus-piazza dei Cimbri-17 hours
•  ROANA: Otto the Dachshund-piazza s. Giustina-18 hours
•  ROANA: Mistral-piazza s. Giustina-19 hours
•  ROANA: Cie ES-piazza s. Giustina-21 hours
•  ROANA: Sinakt-piazza s. Giustina-22 hours


•  CANOVE: Mistral-Via Roma parking-17 hours
•  CANOVE: 238 Circus-playground-18 hours
• CAMPOROVERE : Cie ES-skettinaggio-hours 19.30
•  CANOVE: Cie low shot-parking in Via Roma-21 hours
•  CANOVE: Milo and Olivia-parking in Via Roma-22.30 hours


• TRESCHÈ CONCA: Cie ES-big top-17 hours
• CESUNA : Cie low drive-Palastazione-18.15 hrs
• TRESCHÈ VALLEY : El Bechin-big top-19.15 hours
• CESUNA : Milo and Olvia-Palastazione-21 hours
• CESUNA : Sinakt-Palastazione-22.15 hours


CIRCO 238: "why not?"

Why not show what it really is? Why not live each action with maximum fullness and intensity? Why not let go to events stemming from? Why not? Osvaldo ... decided to do it!


A man (well ... almost ... a Baby!) has turned the rubber in his only source of life and raison d'etre. With a rubber face and a brain that bounces, created with them incredible numbers, beyond the limits of the possible, under the motto: with the balloons you can do really anything!


A ship departing for the new continent, a young penniless dreamer, a chest with mysterious objects and strange characters ... will our protagonist starting? Manipulation of objects and spectacular acrobatics on the ground and on Chinese pole deep in a story but also fun in a 40 's!


A subtle dance game between being in or out. A performance object manipulation and Clowning in which the active participation of the public is inevitable.


Fly on Fire wants to explore the contact point between the air-connected to the idea of flight, symbol of freedom and ethereal condition-and fire-primal force by regenerative essence. Fly on Fire is part of the contemporary circus and is suitable to delight and enthrall audiences of all ages.


He and she are both small and great. They are together children and adults. Wise and foolish. Tender and violent. She and he are intelligent animals or small teddy bears in a cage. He and she are sensual, innocent beings, accomplices and uninhibited in their game. She and he are in the Woods, at home, on a cul-de-sac or a circle that repeats and is projected by the memory and a loneliness that makes them stray dogs.


Two balconies, to represent an entire apartment block. A quiet Country at world's end. But one morning everything changed ... Just a Word to understand that the man who will occupy the vacant apartment is a stranger


His name is El Bechin, as her profession besides! As undertaker scarrozza the dead from city to city, revives the streets causing horror to the people! His dead son much more alive than they aspire to do so believing, cause a smile despite attempts to strike the fear!

Locandina cuCu Festival di Roana

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