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Culture & music-Christmas Concert for violin and piano

Saturday 27/12/2014 at 21:00
12 27 duo Mauro Cecchin - Elli Papagrigoriou

Lands, times, people: the sonata for violin and piano-Elli Papagrigoriou, violin-Mauro Cecchin, piano music by Mozart, Schumann, Grieg-followed by a small reception

Roan culture & music offers Saturday 27 December, at 21.00 in the Council Chamber in Canove, the second of three classical concerts scheduled for the review of the holiday season.  The protagonists are two exceptional young musicians:Elli Papagrigoriou (violin) and Mauro Cecchin (piano), which form a stable duo from 2011.

During the period of studies at the Conservatory of Moscow Tchaikovky are formed with the same teachers in Chamber music (t. Alihanov, a. Melnikov, v. Yunitsky);  over the years, creating a close collaboration that takes them to go beyond common performances in the environment of the Conservatory (class essays, concerts, examinations), giving way to an autonomous concert activity in Russia and Greece.  In 2014 they performed together in the graduation concert of Chamber music, obtaining the highest grades.

Opens the concerto k 301 sonata written by the young Mozart in 1778. The higher tones and gloss, together with the typical elegance of the classical style and Baroque influence, give this sonata a particularly solar, which grows in the course of both movements, to lead to a lively and cheerful.

From the heat of viennese classicism, to take us into the Norwegian land is snow sonata in g minor Grieg: this music conveys a completely different atmosphere, more melancholy, lonely anymore; However, it is not without moments of dance and cheer, as rich in melodies and folk rhythms. Music is therefore deeply rooted in the composer's native land.

The sonata in a minor by Schumann is perhaps the most intense moment of this concert: an explosion of emotions, almost a cry that comes from the heart of the Romantic composer par excellence. Is a song often performed and much loved by the audience and the performers because of the immediacy of the message that sends is almost a narrative by composer who speaks of himself in the first person.

End the concert a short piece written for violin and piano by Mauro Cecchin, on his debut as a composer.

The concert will be followed by a small reception.
As always, admission is free.

Mauro Cecchin was born in Arzignano in 1989. He studied piano from 1998 to 2007 with M° Enrico Anselmi and later with the Prof. Cristina Stella Anselmi, and composition with Maestro Enrico Pisa at the Conservatory "a. Pedrollo" in Vicenza.
From 2001 to 2008 he attended yearly piano improvisation courses held by Prof.ssa Christiane Montandon. In 2008 completed his classical studies at the Liceo "Pigafetta", piano diploma with top marks cum laude; in the same year he was admitted to the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory where he graduated in may 2014 with top marks cum laude under the guidance of Prof. Ruvim Ostrovsky.Si has distinguished himself in numerous national and international competitions and was always near the top. In 2008 it ranked first place in the selection of the best students of the Conservatorio di Vicenza, winning a scholarship to attend an advanced course in Florida.
Got several reports on positive press and on local television (il Giornale di Vicenza, il Gazzettino, the TVA Vicenza Vicenza).
Concert activities in Italy, Russia and Greece. He has performed in different halls of the Veneto and Friuli; in the 2012-2013 concert season was included in the review "Tuesday at the Conservatorio di Vicenza" with a solo concert. In 2014 has instead been included in concerts of the best students of the Moscow Conservatory. In Moscow he performed in Rachmaninov Hall, Myaskovsky Hall, Small Hall, Central Music School and the Museum n. Gogol.

Elli Papagrigoriou was born in Athens in 1988. He began studying the violin at the age of 5 years under the guidance of Maestro Vladislav Halapsis and graduated in 2003 with honors.
He debuted as a soloist at only 7 years with the Youth Orchestra d'archi in Budapest. In 1997 he won the 3° prize at the Nikolai Rubinstein International competition ", performing in the prestigious Great Hall of the Conservatory" Tchaikovsky "in Moscow.
Since 2000 it has received scholarships from the Foundation "Vladimir Spivakov" and took part in musical activities at the University of Athens, at the Moscow Kremlin and numerous other rooms. In 2002 he won the 2° prize at the international competition "city of Togliatti in Russia.
In 2008 Elli Papagrigoriou is admitted at the Conservatory "Tchaikovsky" in Moscow in the class of Maestro s. Kravchenko, who graduated in may 2014. He attended masterclasses with z. Bron, g. Zhislin, n. Erlich and others.
He has performed for television and radio, and has received reports and interviews in the press.
By 2013 is concertmaster of the Greco-Turkish Youth Orchestra and September 2014 holds courses for children at the Greek National Conservatory in Athens.

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