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Culture & music-Piano Concerto-a. Orlandi and m. Carter

Thursday 23/7/2015 at 21:00
Mauro Cecchin

Painted sounds: music scene-Concerto for piano four-hands and Mauro Oberio Carter-music by Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Albeniz, Smetana, Rachmaninov

Musical event of great importance is the one organized by Culture & music on the evening of Thursday, August 23.
At 21.00, sala s. Giustina in Roana, will perform in a concert for piano four-hands pianists Oberio and Mauro Carter who will accompany the public in an expressive and virtuosic journey, between the music of Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Albeniz, Smetana, Grieg, Rachmaninoff and Gershwin.

the program will begin with Morceaux, French title that the Russian composer Tchaikovsky chose for this collection of songs from distinctly romantic character, independent of each other, each with their own light shines; We can define them sacred or mundane scenes, descriptions, situations, moods or movements of the soul of the poet or, more simply, pieces: morceaux.

More defined, however, the title chosen by French composer Debussy: Estampes are less introspective songs and more descriptive: represent, like an Impressionist painting, a place in a precise moment: not an elevation in mood music of romantic composer, but as a reality Pieces; not an objective reality, of course, a reality filtered by author: the impression that that vision right in master.

With Smetana bursts out in a burst of vitality the Prague Vltava (the Moldau) that arises on the notes of Italian Renaissance song "Fuggi, fuggi, fuggi from this heaven".      Smetana writes: "the composition describes the course of the Vltava, starting from the two small Springs, the cold and warm Vltava, until the unification of the two branches in a single stream (...) between the Woods and meadows, along landscapes where weddings are celebrated by farmers, and the dances of sirens on full moon nights: on nearby rocks that form the basis of ruined castles and palaces (...) and then majestically vanishes into the distance ...

The impetus of Slav music of Smetana, let's move seamlessly to the warm colours of Spanish music of Albeniz; from Spanish and elegant cheerfulness of the evening in Granada by Debussy in a series of real dances taken from suite "Espana", which emit an impetus of unbridled vitality.

Back to a time in the North, with Grieg and Italian Busoni. The Norwegian Dances of Grieg there projecting in cold steppe with melancholic notes, but also popular motifs, sometimes no less cheerful than Spanish, however, characterized the colder and romantic harmonies. Busoni chose to set in Finland two scenes that entitled "Finnish folk songs", both in f minor, which lightly invite us to the dance but also to reflection and to a veiled melancholy.

The concert closes with the music of Gershwin, American composer of the ' 900, and considered the founder of the American musical. His music ranges from classical music to jazz, blues. George Gershwin composed the music for both Broadway and European concert halls, as well as for the general public which brought his work to an even wider audience.

Alessia Orlandi, founded in 1989 in Vicenza, started studying piano at age five. Was admitted in 1999 at the Conservatory "a. Pedrollo" in Vicenza under the guidance of M° Enrico Anselmi that accompanies it until the eighth year of his musical journey, and then concludes with the studies Prof. Cristina Star graduating with honors and praise.
Despite his young age gets numerous awards in national and international competitions.
She performed in concert in many Italian cities and abroad, participating in master classes of improvisation (with p. Sarubbi, c. Montandon) and advanced (DelleVigneFabbri, piano
Scalafiotti Entremont and the Ecole Normal de Musique of Paris).
He attended the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland in Nora Doallo, gaining the Master in Music
Pedagogy and Music Performance.

Mauro Carvell was born in Arzignano in 1989. He studied piano from 1998 to 2007 with M° Enrico Anselmi and later with the Prof. Cristina Star Anselmi, and composition with Maestro Enrico Pisa at the Conservatory "a. Pedrollo" in Vicenza. From 2001 to 2008 he attended annually improvisation at the piano courses held by Christiane Prof.ssa Montandon. In 2008 completed his classical studies at the Liceo "Pigafetta", graduated in piano with honors and praise; in the same year he was admitted to the Moscow ConservatorioTchaikovsky where she graduated in may 2014 with honors and praise under the guidance of Prof. Ruvim Ostrovsky.
Has distinguished himself in numerous national and international competitions and was always at the top. In 2008 ranks the first place in the selection of the best students of the Conservatory of Vicenza, winning a scholarship to attend a specialization course in Florida.
Got several positive reports in the press and on local and international television (il Giornale di Vicenza, the Gazette, the TVA Vicenza Vicenza, Australian State Radio SBS).
Plays performed in Italy, Russia, Greece, Australia. He has performed in different halls of the Veneto and Friuli; in the 2012-2013 concert season was inducted into "Tuesday at the Conservatorio di Vicenza" with a solo concert. In 2010, 2011 and 2014 is instead placed in the concerts of the best students of the Moscow Conservatory. In Moscow he performed Rachmaninov Hall cinemas, Myaskovsky Hall, Small Hall, Central Music School and the Museum n. Gogol.

As always, admission is free.
For information: www. artemusicaroana.it

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