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Culture & music-summer Campus piano and creativity "musically"

Dal 5/8/2014 al 10/8/2014

Roana, m. Francis Pulga and Laura Ascione, addressed to students from the age of 11, even beginners-from 5 to 10 August

musically, it is an idea of musical education related to sharing a common passion among the young pianists.
The requirement is to broaden the development piano teaching of internalization issues and understanding of the music, creativity, body awareness and personal growth.
A learning holiday relaxing and enjoyable, in an incredible place surrounded by nature.

Typical day
8:30 – breakfast
09:00 – Awaken your body
9.30 – piano lessons
12:00 – ear Training/sing along
12:30 – dining and relaxing
14:30 – Careful Attn/learning to learn
15:15 – Creativity: composition and improvisation
16:00 – Snack on the lawn
16:30 – lesson in piano four hands and extemporaneous reading
18:00 – Playing at the theatre
19:00 – dinner and leisure activities

Main issues
Ear Training and rhythmic: activities such as walks to the beat of music or music listening quiz will be a different and fun way to develop a good ear and a good rhythmic sense, essential for any young musician who wants to understand how music works and learn to live it to the hilt.

Developing creativity: why do only the written music? Learn how to compose or improvise short pieces can be a lot of fun. While stimulating the imagination and contributes to understanding and ease of learning of the pieces studied.

Playing at the theatre: theatrical improvisation, approached through the game and fantasy, allows you to experiment with the approach to the stage under a different perspective. Put yourself to the test in a group helps to trust their own ability and let yourself be surprised and simultaneously support from others.

Ensemble music: Let's have fun playing together and discover a new world of music, sadly often overlooked in schools. It is important to share experience, commitment and goals ... and also create new friendships!

A musical body: the body is the most important tool of a musician! The basic elements of music, sense of rhythm, technical agility and beauty of sound require subtle physical sensations. A correct posture and muscular looseness to play and express yourself to the fullest.

Careful attention/learning to learn: Optimizing study method saves time, energy and resources. At the same time increase self-esteem for their achievements, leaves more room for fun and keeps alive the enthusiasm!

The dates
Musically, it will begin Tuesday, August 5 at 10:30 in s. Giustina in Roana with a welcome meeting.
The activities will end Sunday, 10 in the afternoon.
If interested and deserving students, may be organized a concert date and place to be determined.

To participate
musically it is aimed at students aged over 11 years.
Instructors are available to answer questions and to provide additional information to the numbers:
Laura Ascione: 347.9643016
Francesco Pulga: 349.0734846
Summer campus stakeholders should send an email to [email protected] to receive the detailed rules and forms to fill out to register.
Registration deadline: 20 July.

Laura Ascione

In February 2010 he received the academic diploma of first level in October 2012 and the second level academic diploma in musical Disciplines: piano, both at the Conservatory Arrigo Pedrollo "in Vicenza under the guidance of M° Riccardo Zadra.
He attended piano Masterclasses, Chamber music, psycho-physiology of musical performance given by various teachers, including Redaelli, Righini and Zadra, Nuti, Wolf.
In 2013 he began classical piano teacher at various associations. Approaching the world of theatre in 2003, through the theatrical Laboratory

Francesco Pulga
In February 2009 he graduated, with honors, from the Conservatory "Arrigo Pedrollo" in Vicenza under the guidance of M° Riccardo Zadra.
Later he attended the "Accademia Pianistica di Padova" under the guidance of master f. Righini and r. Zadra and the "Corso di Alto Perfezionamento" held by M° g. Nuti.
In 2013 graduated with distinction at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the guidance of M° Boyan Vodenitcharov,
finishing a Master's degree in piano.
Over the years he refined his preparation by attending numerous training courses and seminars, among which are those kept by the master Aldo Ciccolini, Bruno Canino, Joaquin Achucarro, Eulalia Sol and Benedetto Lupo.
Held numerous recitals in Italy, Belgium and Germany, both as a soloist and in Chamber music, having alive appreciation from critics and the public.

The place
Roana is one of the municipalities of Asiago plateau: a small and peaceful village surrounded by nature yet largely unspoilt meadows, lush pastures, huge coniferous and beech trees populated by a large amount and variety of animals.
A serene and cosy place, ideal to relax, have fun and study in harmony.

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