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Dialogue of an Elf and a GNOME Hoga Zait Roana, Friday, July 20, 2012 Culture &

Friday 20/7/2012

Scuola Kasadanza a Roana" Dialogue of an Elf and a GNOME " Hoga Zait Roana, Friday, July 20, 2012

Culture & music participates in festival cimbro Hoga Zait, desired and organized by Comune di Roana, with a show inspired by the "Dialogue of an Elf and a GNOME" by Giacomo Leopardi.

Taken from "Moral Operettas", this famous text, written entirely in the form of a dialogue, gives voice to the reflections of a GNOME and an Elf, legendary creatures of the Woods, who meet and discuss on the reasons that led mankind to go extinct.

From this encounter well observations and reflections on the role of men within the created and their relationship with other living beings.

The narrators are entrusted to Annamaria De Val and David Apolloni, musical commentary with flutist Federica Boifava and dances high school dancers "Dance House" in Schio and "Kasadanza" di Rosa, who will perform a choreography specially designed by Joan Garzotto and Selenia Maloku.

Domus Danza a Roana

The show, with free admission, will be held on the evening of Friday, July 20, 2012 at 21.00 hours at the Camping Riviera di Roana or, in case of bad weather, the big top of Roana.

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