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Broken dream-"Invisible: the sounds and looks of an empire" Culture & music

Friday 25/7/2014 at 21:00
Sogno Interrotto

Strong Interrupted-Camporovere-Dream Interrupted 2014 Review. Literature show, live music and dance based on the novel "invisible cities" by i. Calvino, conceived and produced by Cristina Pulga and Isaac Tam


Friday, July 25 at 21.00, at the piazza D'Armi of Strong Interrupted the event takes place UNSEEN- sounds and looks of an empire

Literature show, live music and dance based on the novel "invisible cities" by i. Calvino

Invisible, prose performance, live music and dance, is conceived and realized by Cristina Pulga in collaboration with Isaac Tam within summer of programming& Music Culture Association.

Will be represented in the piazza D'Armi di Forte Interrupted, and will provide an opportunity to inaugurate the 2014 review artistic Dream Interrupted.

The show starts from Italo Calvino's text of 1972 for telling a United city boundaries blurred, where the places described by the merchant Marco Polo to the Mongol emperor could be the products of imagination, but also a polished hand aimed at modern cities, with their ghosts and unsolved problems, with their charms and their fears.
Marco Polo, traveler and at the same time frivolous and visionary, says cities and places away from the eyes and ears of the Gran Kan. As a good merchant, must first find a common language with its speaker, a memorandum of understanding in order to fulfil its original task of narrator and try to place each place and each image of his memory in a canvas the size too large. His attempt is to return an accurate design with a ruler and curious to know the people and places, a powerless emperor who seeks a foreigner entry words and the sounds that captures the true essence of his boundless realm.

Invisible follows the tales of the traveller Marco Polo and its dialogues with the Emperor along three streets that alternate and intersect: the word, dance and music. Each of them contributes to recreate the sense of story, looking for a look complex but at the same time immediate on the cities.

The Strong Interrupted, chosen as stage elective, not only offers a suggestive and exciting, but also a point of view that part away, from his position. First, the piazza D'Armi guide view toward a narrative that remains suspended, that speaks of men and places, but always ready to flee upwards, to become dream or mirror of reality; Secondly, the dominant position which occupies the Fort against the below Valley of Asiago, plus the distance from the town centre, allows a look on as a sort of focus that starts from afar, ready to approach the matter with a simple descent to the Valley.

The show is directed by Isaac Tam, also involved as an actor alongside Diego Dahlan. Live music by pianist Francesco Pulga, while the dancers are soloists Giorgio Merlin and Simone Baldo of "Etra Dance" Montecchio Maggiore. Group dances are entrusted to "Domus " Danceof Schio and "Kasadanza" di Rosa, for choreography by Johanna Garzotto and Michela Negro.

In case of bad weather the event will be postponed to Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 21.00. There are seats on the floor, you may want to bring a pillow or blanket. For specific needs is available a limited number of seats. For more information you can contact the tourist information office I.A.T of Asiago.

Ideation And Realization Cristina Pulga
PIANO Francesco Pulga
ACTORS Isaac Tam, Diego De Francesco
SOLO DANCERS Giorgio Merlin, Simone Baldo
GROUP DANCES "Domus " Danceof Schio, "Kasadanza" di Rosa
CHOREOGRAPHY Joan Garzotto, Michela Negro
AUDIO & Simone Probe LIGHT

For information

Culture & Music
Ufficio IAT Asiago
piazza g. Carli, 56 – 36012 Asiago (Vi)
Tel. 0424462221/462661
Facebook: Dream Interrupted

All rights reserved.

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