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& Music-Sanguinelli, anguane, basilisks: build a scacciaspiriti

Sunday 20/7/2014 at 16:00

Ancient washhouse – Roana-under the Hogazait Festival: workshop for children and parents, with snacks, taught by Silvia Savoy-In case of bad weather the workshop will be held in the Sala s. Giustina-Sunday 20 July

Culture & music dedicated to all children a creative workshop, "Sanguinelli, anguane, basilisks: build a scacciaspiriti", to be held in the afternoon of Sunday, July 20, at 16 hours, at the ancient washhouse of Roana (in case of bad weather the workshop will be held in the Sala s. Giustina in Roana)

The workshop, led by Silvia Savoy, is an integral part of the Cimbrian frontier Hogazait festival on the world promoted by the Comune di Roana, and will also include a snack for all participants.
Reconnecting the local mythology, which counts among its protagonists FAE birbantelli like the Sanguanel who likes to make teasing anyone floats at gunpoint, monstrous serpents like the basilisk, born from eggs of Gallus incubated by a Viper and Anguane, beautiful and magical Brooks women able to fall in love with the mere sight or to launch terrible cursesWe have decided to carry out a workshop aimed at building a SCACCIA-spirits.
Once every participant will have created your own personal amulet, will contribute to the achievement of that group, a big out-wits built together.
Children and parents are involved to work together, using recycled materials (paper, plastic, fabric, buttons, keys ...), and natural elements (leaves, branches, rocks, pinecones, sticks ...)

Silvia Savoy is engaged in a search for creativity hardly figured, since passion of everything that passes through their hands.
Drawings, animations, collages, creative contemporary art workshops for adults and children, going through mazes of wheat made grow in fields involving farmers, dipping my fingers in acid to develop photos.
Her specialty, however, are the urban games and creating situations that involve passersby on the street, creative stalking, treasure hunts and much more.

As always, admission is free.

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