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& Music-the best talents of the laboratory "master of yourself"

Saturday 23/8/2014 at 21:00
corso maestro

Sala s. Giustina-Roana-workshop by m. Federica Righini and Riccardo Zadra-Saturday 23 August

Culture & music presents the concert of the best talents of the laboratory "master of yourself", held in Roana by Federica Righini and Riccardo Zadra.
The appointment is for Saturday, August 23, at 21.00 at the sala Santa Giustina di Roana, followed by a small reception.

The masters Righini and Zadra worked, thanks to years of experience and concert activities, the "Psychophysiology of musical performance", a discipline that points to the stimulation and development of creative potential of the musician, and he was treated in master classes culminating in this final concert.

In 2004 the Psychophysiology of the musical execution was approved by the Ministry of University and research which has sandwiched between the subjects of the second-level academic courses in Italian Conservatories. Now therefore subject conservatories, this discipline allows musicians to learn and address some specific issues such as postural problems, memory blocks, or the fear of the public, but also to undertake a journey that develops and enhances the skills and resources of the musician, helping him regain their deep motivations, to improve his communication skills, and to optimize its study method.
In April 2010, Righini and Zadra published the book "master of yourself. NLP for musicians "(edizioni Curci) who got an extraordinary success.

As always, admission is free.

Followed by a small reception

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