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Elegy for the Woods - Concert at the closing of the exhibition The Sense of Vaia in Asiago - February 2, 2020

Sunday 2/2/2020 at 17:00
Concerto 2 febbraio per Senso di Vaia Asiago

Concert with Francesco Carta and Luca Nardon at the conclusion of the thematic exhibition on Vaia at the Asiago Prisons Museum

On Sunday, February 2, 2020,at the Asiago Prisons Museum, the concert"Elegia for the Woods - The Sense of Vaia in Music"will be held.

A musical performance by the duo Francesco Carta and Luca Nardon,at the conclusion of the exhibition of media events related to the exhibition of The Sense of Vaia held at the Museum The Prisons of Asiago.
Exceptional artists who will be tasked with creating a moment of very high suggestion right in the exhibition halls of the Museum,at 17.00.

The exhibition is a presentation of works by the scledense artist Paolo Ceola inspired by the climate event but also an experiential path to create inner passages towards a broader sensitivity and a greater connection with the plant kingdom and more generally with the natural and human dimension tout court. The texts and images were collected in the NaturalArtBook monograph distributed free of charge in Vicentino thanks to local companies sensitive to sustainability issues.
Concerts, dance performances, themed conferences, guided tours and workshops for children offered the opportunity to talk about ecology and confront the fragility of the human dimension in the face of indomitable natural events. The real support for the rebirth of our territories is given by the strength of the community and the active participation of all those involved.

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Information and registration contact the Museum Prisons by pressing the buttons below.

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