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Exhibition of wooden sculptures in Asiago of Ibraheem Longhini, from December 21

Dal 21/12/2013 al 5/3/2014

Mostra Gianangelo LonghiniExhibition of wooden sculptures in Asiago of Ibraheem Longhini, from December 21 to March 5, 2014

From December 21, 2013 to March 5, 2014, Asiago, at the Museum "Prisons", will be open to the public exhibition of wooden sculptures "from thought to shape '.

The exhibition will include many works of art made by Master Bernard Longhini, great expert of woodworking.

It is a very appreciated asiaghese artist who devotes much of his spare time passion.

The exhibition will be open from December 21 to January 6 every day, from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 16:00 to 19:00, as from 11 January to 2 March only on Saturday and Sunday, with the same hours.

In the opening period were carried out various educational workshops for both tourists and schoolchildren that have experienced considerable success. For this reason, the opening of the exhibition was extended until Wednesday March 5, 2014 with the following timetable: 10.00-12.30 16.00-19.00.

Theinauguration will take place on the Saturday, December 21, 2013Museum, at 18:00.

Metamorphic suggestions

The training sessions are crossed by an artist mark the route along which develops the idea of poetry, translated into sculptural figure with works that constitute evidence of its reflection on the relationship with the subject.

Bernard Longhini studied the secrets of wood (especially lime, pine, Cedar) and stone, constructing an expression supplied by the needs of energy and movement. The game varied between full and empty, plastic tension between essenzializza and meditation building and occupies space, has emerged strongly his vocation to create works that translate faithfully his thoughts; so the verticality lightly rise in spiralici hints and exposing to light with their convexity and concavity Kit, which reflect and accommodate countless possibilities.

In "sculpture garden" by Bernard Longhini fantasy quantifies in improbable inflorescences, where the look is driven towards slippage between fullness and emptiness that intersect each other virtually, protrude, fell in the game of reflections, of grain and opacity of matter. The work of the artist caresses the shape, where one reads geometric scans are able to "move" the plastic body upward momentum from multiple joints.

Il mestiere di Longhini – beginning of research allows him to express himself even more closely within the figurative-leads him to plumb the generative capacity and metamorphic rocks of the subject, to create organic masses moving, full of light and vibration of references to a biological reality, which do not belong to any existing category. The structure of the opera houses in itself empty and leave light penetrate, become dynamic growth, solid body describes a sometimes mysterious alphabet and evokes a vegetal reality. And the observer has the immediate perception that the sculptures you claim as "presences", where the eye travels round sensual touches levigatezze, slips on edges, twists and geometries, sometimes getting lost in a maze of suggestions, all related to nature. The artist blends in a summary all the plant staff and that organic mental and symbolic abstraction.

The corrugated track that runs through and dig stone or wood, is the generative theme plastic research Ibraheem Longhini, the territory of its technical experimentation and poetic achievement. His painstaking craft is not limited to the exploitation of Executive skills, but full grown a love for the invention of plastic, making it recognizable among many sculptors today.


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