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Floating Art installations Lost Words Lake of Lumera Asiago

Dal 18/3/2013 al 28/4/2013

Installazioni d'arte galleggianti Parole perdute Lumera 2013D ' Floating Art installations-Lost Words-Lumera Pond-Asiago


From 18 March to 28 April 2013 you can admire at the Lumera pond to Asiago, the exposure " 'd ' Floating Art Installations-Words Lost".


Lost Wordsbrings togethersix artistswith a critical use and self-managed media. The ' initiative relates directly to the panorama of artistic experimentation that makes use of resins and new digital technologies: no longer works but processes no longer static but impermanence, an original proposal; no longer represent a unique genius but associative, a collective action.


In the context in which you operate, s ' will stop conventional relations at work and transform it into function of the space, the light, the field of vision and sound.


Installazioni d'arte galleggianti Lumera 2013

The sculptors to resins put the accent on ' techniques and materials all ' now in experimentation: non-toxic resin l solar energy ' translated in bioluminescence.


A little conventionalmaterial, which invests in other places and other dimensions.


In complementarity, the technique of video that will be created, emphasizes and virtual mobility to this initiative, emphasising the contemporary communication of

Visual Arts with expression media video. The Music will speak as a progressive conquest of new sounds, changing tastes and listening habits at '.


On water ' float two complexes of sculpture.

A performed by two artists of the plateau's towns, Helene Foata and Alessia Seraglio Prozac, who decide to spread a net spread of leaves of ' tree of Buddha, each handmade with phosphorescent pigments. A ' has a spiritualconnotation, which stops time for reunions.

L ' opera, almost invisible, does wait his appearing and, according to the desire of the artist, is the ' need to stop time.

Installazione di una rete di foglie fosforescenti

The ' operates 80 meters measure and has 500 leaves.

Seeking a bright development in this part of 'Plateau on the outskirts of Asiago was very important for a dialogue with nature, which falls on snow fabric with all its nuances. The ' guidance offered by this form gives us reason to go beyond the light generated by this alternative energy. A survey on 'independence of creativity.


From dusk until late at night you can then savour slowly l ' pulse of this projected tool on ' water and Sun load; a hope that goes beyond the knowledge that you can appreciate without the noise of the ' universe.

Installazione di Laura Maddalena Gerosa


L ' other artist, Laura Magdalene Gerosa, proposes anintrospective installation'. She investigates on the ' man in Search of his most intimate and lost identity.


The living matter from ' water began his adventure on our planet, in amniotic fluid lives l ' man, his initial formation and the ' water is the almost totality of living matter. Small sculptures, representing the five senses and incorporated in most circles are placed right on the ' water.


What the sculptor wants to represent is not the world as it is offered by our senses, distorted and delusional, but a perceived intuition and not elsewhere manifesto; the sixth sense. The perception of matter from our senses is not strictly our perception of reality but projects in a 'other reality. There is a ' idea that veicolandola with the verb fertilizes the mother-matter and gives birth to life.


The search for the lost Word is nothing but an attempt to find the power of the word Creator.

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