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FROM MILK to CHEESE tasting and educational workshop, gallium the August 5

Monday 5/8/2013 at 20:45

Dal latte al formaggio a Treschè ConcaFROM MILK to CHEESE educational workshop with final tasting at the August 5 Gallium

Monday, August 5 at 20.45 hours at Italy Square to Gallio, held an evening dedicated to the enhancement of local traditional products: the cheese.

The commune of Gallio and the Pro Loco, in fact, have arranged the evening "from milk to cheese" in which citizens and vacationers, will have the chance to see live the Asiago cheese processing: from cheesemaking to 250 liters of milk heated in a copper caldiera, as is the case today in huts, to final production of tosella that participants can taste for free is that raw.

Processing, edited by Roan basis, shown live on the screen and supported by the help of some instructional videos, is just one example of possible treatments of Asiago cheese, produced a D.O.P.protection, whose production has already exceeded 23,000 tons, making it one of the most popular cheeses in Italy.


To produce the cheese, the milk is poured into an Open boiler, where it is heated to 35-38° C (temperature calf stomach); especially if milk is pasteurised adding lactic acid bacteria and possibly other types of ferments and rennet, therefore, almost always of animal origin which is composed by an enzyme extracted from the stomach of suckling mammals shall. The curd is able to divide into many fragments the casein in milk, and thenthe coagulate the particles of fat mass is no longer soluble in water, floating in a gelatinous mass and brittle that curd or junket.Curd obtained from the various types of cheese.

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