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Granfondo Asiago, Asiago plateau, June 28, 2015 bicycle race

Sunday 28/6/2015

GRANFONDO ASIAGO 2015, Altopiano di Asiago, 28 giugno 2015TheAsiago plateau is by far one of the best places for sports fans. Forests, nature and the countryside offer a unique setting for those who love outdoor activities.

The Municipality of Asiago, in collaboration with ASD Racing 2015, arranges for Sunday 28 June 2015 the Granfondo Asiago 2015, a cycling race which is ideal for those who want to discover the wonders of our Plateau. The two routes, one from 97 km and one from 140 km, are placed in the context of the Memorial for the centenary of the great war and also many of the "places of memory" of the first world war, as the area of the plain of Gb, the refuge Barricade at the foot of Mount Ortigara and the Military Shrine of Asiago.


Meeting point: Asiago Ice Palace;
Arrival: Ossario di Asiago;
Departure: 9.00 hours;
Aperture grilles: 8.00 hours;


The Granfondo Asiago has two locations. Each competitor has the right to choose the path most suited to him and such a choice can be made at the fork in the path.
Mediofondo: km 97 disl. 1580
Granfondo: 140 km height difference. 2800


You can subscribe to the event the non-licensed athletes males and females aged 16 years to 75 years.

Open to all members -U.D.A.C. and F.C.I./ACSI and Sports Promotion Agencies in possession of fitness sports doctor for competitive cycling and cycling enthusiasts foreigners in good standing with the Federation they belong to.
For those who had not signed with any institution, will request a copy of the certificate of fitness sports doctor for cycling and the annual membership (EUR 39.00) with ACSI, which provides cover for RC and of death/disability and hospital allowance.

INFO on registration. Professionals, the Elite (men and women) and the Under-23 are allowed solely for promotional purposes and upon invitation from the Organizing Committee and will not participate in any way in the standings.

Participation fee:

30.00 € - 1. to grill until 31.12.2014
35.00 €- from 1.01.2015 to 26.06.2015
€ 45.00- Saturday and Sunday of the race

The participation fee includes bib, mechanical assistance (excluding spare parts), health care, the race Pack, supplies, pasta party on arrival.
The Organization reserves the right to accept entries incomplete or illegible.

For registration of sports groups will just send a list of the athletes accompanied by all the required data, written on letterhead and signed by the President of the company, attaching a copy of the payment of the participation fee to be made with only cumulative payment always on the same nr. c/c bancario.

Asiago, at the Ice Palace Saturday from 14.00 to 19.00 and Sundays from 6.30.


The breastplate is strictly personal and you can't give in and change with other members, or suspected such; athletes will receive the Dickey to stick on the handlebars of the bicycle and a breastplate to be placed on their backs: mandatory position Dickey and breastplate clearly visible and is forbidden to fold; Subscribers that will occur at the start without breastplate and/or chip, it will be in place, so they will be entitled to any recognition or at the tender, nor later.


For information or clarification concerning the use of the Chip please write to: info@sms-sport.it

Winning time chip 2015 regulation:

The timing service will be provided by SMS, official distributor of trademark Winning Time. Each athlete must be equipped with its own Winning Time Chip to be classified.
You can only use the "Personal Winning Time Chip" regularly ENABLED for the current season, or the Daily for the Chip only event. All other Chip will not be functional.
Enabling "Personal Winning Time Chip" can be done in the race at the Chip priced at 10 euro or via the website www.winningtime.it no later than Thursday, prior to the weekend of races, at the price of 5 euros.

The athlete is not yet in possession of the "Personal Winning Time Chip" can buy it directly from the Chip in the parcel delivery race at the price of 15 euro. Will be enabled immediately for the 2015 season. The athlete must mount it with the provided plastic support on the seatpost. Alternatively, you can hire a Daily Chip valid exclusively for the event, after payment of a deposit of 10 € Uro € 5 returning to return. The return will be organized near the finish for thirty minutes after the arrival of the first competitor of shortest path until thirty minutes after the arrival of the last participant of the event.

ATTENTION: it is not insured the timing service for those not properly positioned the Chip. The non-Chip enabled results in exclusion from the race.

Recast of the participation fee

If the Member does not participate in the event, the amount paid will not be refunded. In case of impossibility to communicate via fax by midnight of June 24, the entire deposit will be held valid for inclusion of 2016. If the communication comes after that date, and no later than June 24, 50% will be withheld and the remainder will be held valid for the 2016 Edition. In the case of communication on race day or days nothing will be due.


16/18 years entrants born from 1996 to 1998 a.s.
19/32 years born from 1982 to junior 1995 a.s.
33/39 years senior born from 1975 to 1981 a.s.
40/47 years veteran born from 1967 to 1974 a.s.
48/55 years old gentleman born from 1959 to 1966 a.s.
56/62 years super gentleman to born from 1952 to 1958 a.s.
63/75 years super gentleman B born from 1939 to 1951 a.s.

16/39 year old woman born from 1975 to 1 1998 a.s.
40/55 years woman born from 1959 to 2 1974
56/75 years woman born from 1939 to 3 1958 a.s.


Will be rewarded:
Absolutes: 1° -3° place male and female (medium and long-term)

Categories: 1° -5° in each category (medium and long-term).

Company: top 5 companies for number of participants.

Who will not be present at the prize-giving will not receive any prize or trophy.

Road traffic: the path is open to normal traffic.
There is the absolute respect and observance of traffic laws.
Athletes must keep scrupulously to comply with the traffic signs.

Medical Assistance:
Ambulances in tow and along the way
Radiocorsa: along the two paths and upon arrival

Private Service:
The flagships and the car must seek permission stating the nameplate and the driver to gfvaldagno@virgilio.it.
It is forbidden to any other private assistance following the race, under penalty of disqualification from the same.
Is still prohibited flying refueling at the points provided by Organization (see supply points).

Refuelling points
Long path: 3 + final
The middle path: 2 + final
Will be awarded to athletes only: drinks, food, supplements, packaged as enacted provisions regarding health authority Law 283 of 4/30/1962 and subsequent modifications.
Athletes will be identified by the Organization's staff to keep a non-environmentally friendly behavior tainting and throwing rubbish out of planned areas, will be excluded from the rankings.
We respect the environment, do not throw trash along the way.

Cancellation of the event
The event will take place in all weather conditions. If, for reasons of force majeure, the event does not take place, the Organization will hold half of the quota valid for 2016. The remainder (mid) will be retained.

The Organization declines any liability for accidents or damage to persons, animals and things that might happen before, during and after cycling event. Participants accept all responsibility for any incident which may be the cause. Although not provided for in this regulation are ACSI cycling sector.

All rights reserved.

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