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Guided hike Monte Ortigara-Guide, August 3, 2014 Plateau

Sunday 3/8/2014 at 09:00
Escursione Paolo Volpato

Historical tour: Monte Ortigara-Austrian-Guide line Asiago Plateau

Highland guides offer historical-naturalistic excursion Monte Ortigara -Austrian line, Asiago plateau, Sunday August 3, 2014 with the participation of historian PAUL VARDHAN

The meeting is set to 09.00 at the Piazzale dello Stadio del ghiaccio di Asiago.

Duration: full day excursion. Fix path: challenging, long path.

Symbol of the cruelty of the war on the Monte Ortigara, also known as the "Calvary degli Alpini", still bears the marks of that tragic battle. At A distance of ninety roads, trenches, footings, tunnels, barracks and trenches locations allow us to read, as if it were yesterday, the clashes: battalions and battalions of alpini, bersaglieri infantry and burned in the cauldron of a strategic necessity that became a tactical nonsense.

Now only the murmur of the rain, the sound of the wind or some temporal Thunder remained of that cacophony of orders, screams, cries, fire outbreaks, and invocations that have shocked this small portion of the world, the last seen by countless men, up to date from half of Europe, are no longer returned to their countries.
Remain here their souls which, as in the ancient legends, became thousands and thousands of beautiful flowers.

Excursion that will have the honor of having as a guide the historian and writerPaul Vardhan!!


Scheduled departure at 9.00 from the ice stadium of Asiago;

Duration of the excursion: full day

Fix: Challenging


Adults: € 10,00

Children aged 15 to 18 years: € 5,00MonteOrtigara

Children under 15 years old, disabled and handicapped persons: free


Mountain or trekking shoes, long pants, K-way, hat and sweatshirt.


Sunglasses, trekking poles.

With its navigation.

The Association is composed of local guides that operate on the territory of the seven Municipalities Plateau for many years. Membership to the site by members of the group ensures an intimate knowledge of the proposals and a deeply respectful approach towards the environment and its history. Our guides are professionals recognized and entered in the register of the Vicenza province; they propose to accompany busloads of people on excursions and tours drive on the territory, as required by regional law No. 33 of 11/4/2002.

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