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Heavy Metal Festival SUN VALLEY METALFEST Gallium,ASIAGO PLATEAU 29/30 JUNE 2012

Dal 29/6/2012 al 30/6/2012

Sun Valley Metalfest Gallio Altopiano di AsiagoHeavy Metal Festival SUN VALLEY METALFEST gallium, ASIAGO PLATEAU 29/30 JUNE 2012

The Sun Valley Metalfest is an event organized by the cultural Association ' Sound, Sun Valley born to promote culture and music, all initiatives within the metal landscape ' Italian.

The Sun Valley will be held at Metalfest in Valbella Gallio on 29 June 30, 2012, spectacular and on the Asiago plateau.

The location is surrounded by greenery and offers numerous ideas for anyone who wants to support the different experiences, with the presence of scenic trails, historical and naturalistic, as well as several commercials for the practice of extreme sports. This type of offer is very important for us, considering necessary to immerse the ' event in a stimulating environment to 360°.

SVM offers this ' year in its first edition 22 bands, between emerging and established, from the Italian and not (we are pleased to have two guests from Romania and Croatia to enrich our bill).


The following bands that host in two days: Sadist, Folkstone, White Skull, Extrema, Cadaveria, Skanners, Cold Snap, Necrodeath, Ghostrider, Riul Doamnei, Delirium Tremens, Krepuskul-X, Dark Eyes, Asgard, Twintera, Kani, Kill The Klown, Scarecrown, Joyless Jokers, Rude Forefathers, Game Over, Acheode.

Sun Valley Metalfest 2012


The groups will alternate themselves on our stage from 16.00 hours on Friday and Saturday, approximately 12.00 till 02.00 am. All internal Gates ' festival is provided with a dining area with kitchen ' and three points, in addition to a bar ' area market and several other dining plans and will be confirmed via our website www.sunvalleymetalfest.it and on the main social networks.


All external ' ', on the green area, it will be possible for those wishing to accompany us in two days, with the tent camp for free, while, for those wishing to stay in organized structures, Gallium and l ' Plateau offer numerous hotels and two campsites.


Morning of Saturday and Sunday will also set up a kiosk where the breakfast meal will be offered free to those who deliver a bag of garbage collection in the area tends to promote our philosophy of respect for nature and historical area that hosts us. In this regard we aim to keep to a minimum the non degradable waste production, committing ourselves to use the highest possible number of products-biodegradable and/or recycled products, respecting the mountainous chosen for its enchanting and suggestive context.


For more information: www.sunvalleymetalfest.it



Sun Valley Metal Fest Gallio

Sun Valley Metalfest Gallio 29-30 Giugno 2012 Altopiano di Asiago

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