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HERBALIST courses in refuge Campolongo, Asiago plateau, 7/26/28/8 2014

Dal 26/7/2014 al 28/8/2014
I Corsi tenuti dall'Erborista al Rifugio Campolongo

HERBALIST courses in refuge Campolongo, Asiago plateau, from July 26 to August 28, 2014

From Saturday 26 July to Thursday 28 August 2014 at the Rifugio Campolongo, Asiago plateau, held a series of courses taught by a herbalist.

The lessons begin at 15.00 hours, at 16.00 will take a break with snacks of refuge: sofficini to strawberries with organic Apple Juice, then conclude the course at 17.30 hours.

The courses held by the Herbalist in refuge Campolongo


• Thursday, August 7, 2014
• Thursday, August 21, 2014

From preparation of the classic Marseille SOAP based on olive oil to creative soaps, from a variety of shapes and colours, enriched withessential them or to make them pleasantly scented


Thursday 14 August 2014
Saturday 23 August 2014

Find out what plants and ingredients used to make a recipe book , cosmeticwith the preparation of a mask to the FIR honeydew and a hand cream with lemon

HERBAL PRACTICES with the preparation of balsamic natural remedies

Sat 26 July 2014

Nature provides us with plants rich in active ingredients such as Pine, thyme, eucalyptus, the Erisimo, flaxetc. Discover how to prepare thebalsamic ointment and the mountain pine syrup.

HERBAL PRACTICES with the preparation of natural remedies to stay online

• Saturday, August 162014

Learn to use thehorse chestnut, butcher's broom, the Ivy, Cypressand ... valuable plants to achieve a harmonious shape. How to create a soothing scrub to coffee and a massage oil for body in line!

HERBAL PRACTICES with the preparation of natural cleansing remedies

• Thursday, August 282014

The nature helps us to detoxify putting at disposal plants such as dandelion, stinging nettle, burdock... without forgetting the extraordinary properties ofclay. Learn to prepare a purifying herbal tea and clay poultice.


€ 19.00

(inclusive of lunch)

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