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Hoga Cimbrian Frontier world Zait, Roana 13 July 22, 2012

Dal 13/7/2012 al 22/7/2012

Hoga Zait 2012Hoga Cimbrian Frontier world Zait, Roana-13 July 22, 2012

During the weekend -14 -15 July 13 and 20-21-July 22, 2012in Roan municipality, will host the event Hoga Zait, Cimbrian Frontier on the world.

L 'municipal administration of Roana, in collaboration with the Pro Loco di Cesuna and Roana, volunteers and Roan S.r.l Company Services, decided to implement this initiative for 2 consecutive weekends; the Regione Veneto and the province of Vicenza allow their ideological and economic support.

In this edition we discuss festival the world's minorities; the event involves ' ' in the resident population, organisation minority Cimbra " " recognized by Law 482/99, regional law n° 73/94 and by resolution of the provincial Council n° 45 of 18476/4/29/03.

During the first weekend of Hoga Zait, 13 July -15 -14, Mongolia will be guest of Roana.

Friday 13, at 16:00, on the lawn in front of theCimbrian Cultural Institute will be fitted with a ger, a traditional Mongolian nomadic tent, which will be open to the public; will be clarified the curiosity about the history, tradition and function of this " House ".

Later, at 18:30 and at ' in ' Institute, there will be the Inauguration of the ' festival and exhibition of paintings and Craft Giftware Mongolian "on the edge of time" in the presence of the Honorary Consul of Mongolia Piero Bardazzi – exhibition of works by the artist Nyamaa Ganbat, the most innovative contemporary interpreter of ancient Mongol Zurag, pictorial art who does not use Outlook or the chiaroscurobut bright colors and bold lines.

Roana Hoga Zait Cimbri

Horses, falconieri, scenes of everyday life, the steppe, costumed characters, spirituality: this exhibition is intended to represent the artist's deep connection with the land.

The ' artist, in proposing the ancient techniques of paintings dating back to the time of Genghis Khan, establishes continuity between a glorious past and a present everything from invent.

At the conclusion of the first day, at 21:00 at the big top, experts Adriano Madaro, Rajpal, Patrizio Roversi and Enrica Bacchia " Conference will be heldFour magical encounters with Mongolia", where we will discuss about culture, history, nature, tradition, art and spirituality Mongolian.

Follow the docu-film shot by Syusy Blady, the presentation of the book "Mongolia, the water" by Enrica Bacchiand a musical performance by the latter accompanied by Yannick From King (drums/vocals) and Laura Bacchia (Narrator).

You will continue on Saturday 14 July at 16:00 in the square in front of the Cimbrian Cultural Institute; will take place on " Laboratory " Curiosamondo with theAssociation rhythms and Dances from around the world: children's entertainment and ethnic stand with the colors of the world.

At 18:00, at the big top, Rajpal and Mauro Pagani will present the meeting ' "men and ideas on the way", and 19:30 will start the gastronomic evening with typical cuisine and Mongolian Cimbrian: Praia meets khuurshuur and buuz.

As the final event of this day we will be at the 21:30 Concert " the sky blue of " with Mauro Pagani and Hulan.

It will resume Sunday, July 15 at 11:00 with Conference on falconry di Gengis Khan and falconry in the history presented by the Falconer. Francesco Franceschini.

To 12:30, always at the big top, there will be lunch with typical cuisine: dumplings and cold dish.

Mauro Pagani Hoga Zait 2012

At 16:00 we will relocate in the piazzale dell ' Cimbrian Cultural Institute, where there will be the ' display and sale of Mediterranean Ceramics, fair trade project of rhythms and dances from around the world; In addition there will be an exhibition of Senegalese ' dances and " laboratory Curiosamondo ".

At 18:00, at Spillek, will take place the exhibition of the Falcons of the 'Association of falconers in the Veneto for the conservation of raptors (didactic exhibition and demonstration of flight) and workshops for children.

To conclude the first weekend, at 21:00, will be screened the docu-filmThe Mongolia" " di Massimo Zamboni; afterwards there will be the presentation of the book "In Mongolia in reverse", with music by Massimo Zamboni reading. Readings, singing, guitar, music with Cristiano Roversi (stick, keyboards) and Simon Strong (percussion).

The ' Edition of ' Hoga Zait will resume next weekend, Friday, July 20, 2012; at 16.00 at the ' Institute of Cimbrian Culture there will be reading fairy themed scenery with Cimbri and folksongs cimbri live, produced by Iris Verlato and Pierangelo Tamiozzo.


At 21:00, at the Campsite Riviera, will take place the theatrical performance of "& music" "Dialogue of an Elf and a GNOME", based on the masterpiece of g. Leopardi Operette Morali.

Saturday, July 21, at 16:00 in the center of the country, there will be time " Ista gabest an botta ", fairy tales told by Iris Verlato Cimbri; afterwards, the musical animation with 17:30 Klainen Dolomiten – musical Interludes with the Celtic harp by Paola Magosso.

The 20:45 meeting and departure at the Church for the Traditional torchlight procession and spectacle of Zelighen Bàiblen.Patrizia Laquidara Il canto dell'Anguana

To conclude these two weekend full of activity, Sunday, July 22, at 17:30 in the forecourt of the Church, there will be time to music and folk with " De Grützigar "; at 20:00, at the Cinema Teatro Palladium, will take place the concert "Cimbri and Celtic fairy tales in Stranamusica", with the extraordinary participation of Cimbrian Choral of Roana and Mittewald and folk-metal Bait Huttar. Will students and teachers of the Association.


The final moment of Hoga Zait 2012 will be marked by the event-a tribute to the culture and identity of Venice: at 21:30 will stage the show "the song of Anguanas": written, performed and produced by Patrizia Laquidara, it has earned the singer the prestigious Premio Tenco in 2011.


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