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ICE CREAM hot comedy Toffolo the 12TH Lacharen º Roan Theatre 11/01

Saturday 1/11/2014 at 21:00

Compagnia Teatrale I Lacharen

Saturday 1 November 2014 to 21.00 hours at the teatro di Canove and within the XII° Roan municipality Theatre, will stage the famous play by Lino Toffolo Hot Ice, presented by the troupe the Lacharen.

The Roan municipality Theatre every Saturday in October (and the 1st of November) will take great authors, texts presented by theater companies in the area.

The Lacharen Company

The Lacharen are a local theatre company full of passion and desire, which reads mostly in Venetian dialect and manages to entertain the audience with irony and sarcasm.

If you want to spend a carefree and fun evening, don't miss then this roaring spectacle!

Ice cream hot comedy Lino Toffolo

Comic and comedy, full of jokes, treats the theme ofhumanity divided between Active and contemplative, between those who are and those who will not ever; Although the pretext of history the classic triangle of he, she and the other with a surprise ending.

Lino Toffolo, after his musical studies and a radio experience, debuts in the theater with Babu. From Venice he moved to Milan in 1963 and began working at Derby alongside historical stand up comedians Franco Nebbia, Jannacci, and Bruno Lauzi, giving rise to its marks, including the drunk who sings Oh Nina, becomes very famous afterwards, in addition to his other songs in Venetian dialect: the carriages, the chiericheti, The Electric coffeemaker, Gast never pens. In 1968 he began his film career in The chimera of Lina Wertmüller. After a break back as a theatrical actor and will take a collage of texts by Goldoni. He is the author of plays, including hot ice creams and Fisimat.

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