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Inauguration VENIGALLIAPARK park culture and entertainment, Cesuna March 21

Friday 21/3/2014 at 21:00

VenigalliaPark - Parco a temaInauguration of VENIGALLIAPARK park culture and entertainment, Cesuna of Roanoke, Asiago plateau March 21, 2014

Friday, March 21 at 21:00 at the Palladium Cinema Cesuna will be the 'meeting for the presentation ofVenigalliaPark, a project that is a challenge also for our Directors and will need the support of the entire population altopianese, of local governments, businesses and associations to groped, with a cultural alternative approach, a re-evaluation of the 'tourist offer.

Since its establishment this administration has always believed that the 'tourist economy was the cornerstone of fundamental development of our country. 
For this purpose, in addition to a program of events tourism, cultural and sporting high-level, some projectshave been promoted wide-ranging structural (Lonaba pond, ice rink, streamlining asset managementmunicipal sports, etc..) Which aim to ensure sustainability of the sector. 

In recent months, after carrying out the necessary procedures for the award of public financial asset, we entered into an agreement with the company Diaimond Ltd. Thiene (VI) for the construction and development of a theme park with tourist and cultural purposes that will not neglect the aspects of teaching, scientific, but also playful and fun, with marked references to the history and local tradition. 
We believe that the opening of such a structure, which must respect the social and cultural characteristics of our region while ensuring a development of its profitability in the medium / long term, it will make up at least in part to the seasonal tourist, first destabilizing element for the industry; Park in fact, since its opening, it will be a stable structure open at least from April to October. 

Also as a result of the just demands of the population, and indeed desired, we think it proper to start a first public meeting to explain the project in detail, working with Diaimond Ltd. to search for synergies between the public and private sectors also provided by our Spatial Plan.

VenigalliaPark - soldato in armaturaThe adoption of the Spatial Plan (PAT) of the City of Roanoke in 2012 adopted the indications of theRegional Law April 23, 2004, No. 11. The document, which by definition is "planning tool that outlines your strategic spatial planning and development for the government of the municipal district" encompasses elements of assessment which combines a 'physical space' in specificsocial, historical, cultural and environmental. 
The City of Roanoke, intending to actually own this indication, published in 2013 an exploratory alert for verifying the expressions of interest from individuals for the 'area of the former colonies of Cesuna of Roanoke "for a project of revitalization of tourism and culture ". 

The intention of the Administration was to promote projects that were going to contribute tothe development of sustainable tourism in the surrounding area, thus aiming to balance the needs of today advocated with those of future generations, and to this end, the initiative would not have to alter the 'environment or in any way hinder the development of other social and economic activities, seeking constantly to maintain autonomous territory for an unlimited period of time, tending to ensure the long term viability of ecological compatibility with goals, socio-cultural and economic ( v.. definition of "sustainable tourism", WTO). 

On 4 December 2013 the area was given to the company that Diaimond Ltd. has joined the ban proposed by presenting a draft general plan that reflects what is required. In addition, the proposed Diaimond Ltd are deduced additional features, namely those presenting alternatives to traditional development and characteristics of the classic 'tourist offer in a specific location: consumption limited land, t echnical constructive use of environmentally friendly initiatives destagionalizzanti activation, the 'tap into the local culture and tradition seen as valuable elements of intangible heritage of an ancient community and, not least, to collaborate with the local residents working for integration, whether for business recruitment. 
The specific tourism sector in which context the proposal is "Edutainment" (union of the words "educational"and "entertainment"), a formula that contains the elements of culture and education, but also the gamingand entertainment, a "fun conscious "then. 

Despite the current economic downturn and the tourism sector which must always be taken into account, there are comforting statistics also confirm that for this year thematism the cultural tourism product is thesecond for attendance in the country preceded only by that seaside - and is the first product for foreign travelers, Lazio, Tuscany and Veneto will collect two-thirds of the national level (National Observatory of Tourism in 2013 - Report on Tourism 2012). 
The other fact to consider is that of the mountain, which, as a "tourist destination geographical" amounted to about 15% in terms of choice of Italian, there is no doubt, however, that the socio-cultural evolution was also influenced here and studies ISNART (2011 report) on tourist behavior, there was a greater interest in understanding how the holiday experience, with large prevalence of the aesthetic (landscapes andenvironment) than cognitive (local culture) than human (emotional contact and identity with the community of reference), in short, a need for 360 ° of culture, in the true etymological sense of the term. 

Another positive sign for the project in recent days and covers the segment "edutainment" in February 2014, the "Costa Edutainment", created with the acquisition of parks "Overseas" and "Aquafan," the network " Coast Park "which also includes the 'Aquarium of Cattolica. An expansion of winning, which estimates the presence of a million visitors per year and that mimics the network manager of the Aquarium of Genoa Genoa and eight other similar structures. "The success of the new center is also linked to the synergies that the group is developing with the institutions and other tour operators in the area in order to contribute together to the enhancement and promotion of heritage, initiatives and cultural networks in Emilia Romagna a prospect of winning collaboration between public and private. " So they are expressed Giuseppe Costa, CEO of the Costa Group and Liviana Zanetti, President of APT Servizi Emilia Romagna. 

It is believed that the philosophy of this operation is supported by the PAT those goals that, in paragraph 3.3.indicates the mission of the "production system" and where it is recognized that "the landscape, the climate, environmental quality, t estimonianze history in the area are undoubted tourist resource." The City, therefore, "is to promote the development of tourism activities in the context of sustainable development and durable, that reconciles the needs of growth (especially in terms of quality) with those of preserving the environmental balance."

VenigalliaPark - gente tra i tendoni e suonatori di cornamuse

With regard to the strategies of the production system in the tourism sector, the PAT "adopts a model tourism development" integrated "that respects the environmental components, historical, cultural and recreational sports but also in the area searching for" new appeal "to start a real recovery the tourism system enablingdevelopment strategies "multi-functional", ie direct to the diversification of supply, and therefore more sustainable from an environmental and economic point of view.

As you will see below, the project Venigallia pursues and supports these philosophies of action, intending to propose a vision that promises a future scenario akin to the intentions described above, in particular by ensuring "environmental, economic and social" and the " improving the quality of urban and regional planning "(Ground Operations City of Roanoke) ravvisandone opportunities indications of the same City Council that the Document of the first floor Interventions" is finally open to the implementation of the proposals of overriding public interest presented by private persons, by operators economic and subjects with diffuse interests aiming at the establishment and signing of specific agreements public - private pursuant to art. 6 of Regional Law 11/2004. " 

Certain therefore to respect the territorial vocation well-explicit plans, in terms of sustainability enlarged, the City of Roanoke is about to present this proposal to the population, which has the ambition to be a new tourism model of alternative development. 
From the data available to us the nature of the park will be able to attract users in the long haul, proposing aformula unique, unrepeatable and irreproducibility of the project including (but not only) as an element of the expression supporter referential identity of the population of reference. It is in fact deemed to "exploit" the fullintangible cultural heritage of culture Cimbric, Lombard, Rhaetian and Celtic, whether it be of fables and legends is that related to the story, to offer a product that goes to represent a unique and exclusive to the client-visitor and the resident. 
The consequences in terms of economic benefits of the park will be - and this is another primary goal - to feed also and above (thanks to the events planned) time segments of the tourist season that currently are not sufficiently considered, triggering a process of seasonal adjustment of the sector . 
The induced accessory that will result will be a v. Olano of economic and financial development is not feasible with other existing projects at the moment, thus favoring a seasonal adjustement, considered essential element to all the latest and qualified theories of economic development of tourism, especially as regards the macrocategory of its cultural sector.

Via Milano 32-36010 Canove of Roanoke (VI) 
tel. 0424 / fax 692 212 0424/692 019 
CF - P.IVA 00256400243 
HERITAGE SECTOR - Tourist Service Sport and Culture 
e-mail [email protected]

VenigalliaPark - gente a passeggio tra i guerrieri dell'antichità

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