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Jean and Pierrette Ensemble in P.zza s. Marco a Enego the 26 July

Friday 26/7/2013 at 21:00

Jean e Pierrette ensemble EnegoJean and Pierrette Ensemble in P.zza s. Marco a Enego the 26 July: music under the stars

Friday, July 26, 2013, in Piazza San Marco Enego, to be held the event " 'music under the stars: all square with Jean and Pierrette ensemble".

The concert will begin at 21:00 hours; the ' Orchestra will entertain the public for a couple of hours with ' good live music.



The new live dance music Orchestra and listening music Jean & Pierrette Ensemble, it is proposed in the area of the Veneto with a sizzling repertoire updated and live music.

The ' live orchestra Jean and Pierrette ensemble consists of 7 elements and gives the audience a vast repertoire of live music and dance that from listening to embracing all genres.

The fun is always guaranteed for all dancers who enjoy the various musical genres: ballroom dancing, modern dance, group dance, revival, international music, the classics of Italian songs, evergreen, 60, 70, 80 and all the dances.

Lots of good live music for any event: festivals, celebrations in the streets, dance halls, discotheques, concerts, weddings and private parties. The band also performs with reduced formulas (duo, trio, Quartet, Quintet) and can also count on a wide range of entertainment and music listening.

The vast musical repertoire is proposed with a new formula of live music where hundreds of songs available in the lineup, were rearranged by using the most modern and sophisticated musical writing programs and audio reproduction systems of new generation sound recording directly into the studio tracks of various instruments then mixed the live performance of the individual musicians and the live voices of the singers to ensure high-quality execution and extreme effectiveness.

The Orchestra Jean and Pierrette ensemble, through its leader and founder John Bailey, was born in Feltre, in the province of Belluno in 2004 and over the years has been clearly evident.

Has a solid and well structured organization capable of varying the formula proposed by passing in a flexible manner but just as effective from the full band duo.

This is made possible thanks to the exceptional experience and high quality of all musicians, among them, there are teachers who teach music in various and famous schools.

The ' Orchestra Jean and Pierrette ensemble is also a laboratory for research and development of capable musicians or new items that have not yet had the opportunity to ask for the attention of the general public. In this respect have already begun collaborative relationships with some young people to whom we would like to give the opportunity to work with the band, maybe at the moment only occasionally or experimenting with new additional musical formulas and to enlarge our offer already very rich.

The choice and research of continuous innovations and investments both in instrumental and human capital (instruments, musicians and new voices) is stimulated by continuous positive feedback that the NEW LIVE ORCHESTRA JEAN & PIERRETTE ENSEMBLE is recording for some time now and ever growing.

Commitment, seriousness, professionalism, but above all the great passion that connects the orchestra field in every live performance is among other things an act due to and gratitude towards all her dancers that follow faithfully in every folk festivity, celebration of square or Ballroom.

Jean and Pierrette Ensemble: happiness, lots of dance music and fun for all.


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