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Mauro Corona, Diego Dalla Palma, Gianantonio star, Anna Mazzamauro in Enego

Saturday 4/8/2012 at 20:30

Mauro Corona, Diego Dalla Palma, Gianantonio Stella, Anna Mazzamauro a EnegoMauro Corona, Diego Dalla Palma, Gianantonio star, Anna Mazzamauro in Enego Saturday August 4, 2012

Saturday August 4, 2012, Enego, Asiago plateau, will hold a historic evening and unforgettable.

Never until now had, on one occasion, a parade of celebrities and prestigious ready to give birth, through their experiences and their professionalism, for an event of this stature.

At 20.30, at the Palace of culture, will discuss the writer and sculptor Mauro Corona e Diego Dalla Palma, beauty expert, proficient "directed" by one of the most influential journalists, and considered of Italy: Gianantonio Stella.

The trio, after a prologue of actress Anna Mazzamauro, interact on a theme dear to both Crown, both From Palma: " awkward Children of a land" " ".

The figure "inconvenient" of the two characters is not difficult to make the necessary considerations.

It is on that term "comfortable", quotes, refers to the birth of Crown land and From Palma, that it will be interesting to discuss, reflect and be involved.

At 22.30 Anna Mazzamauro will move in St Mark's square where, at the foot of the Torre del Castello Scaligero will, with his skill and his verve, a monologue: atypia.

Already from the title you can guess as to which theme the actress, one of the characters in the Italian theatre and cinema's most beloved and appreciated, based his speech: adversity and rejection towards everything that leads to the approval.

At the end of the exhibition of ' actress, hosted by one of local television's most popular conductors and estimated by the veneti, Fabio Cappabianca, will attend the "apotheosis pyrotechnics" in honor of the Scaligeri and to celebrate the restoration just completed, of Castle fortress built in Enego, 1335, later bombed during the various conflicts and epic reborn now through ambitious restorations.

The evening, created at the initiative of the Pro Loco Enego (ENEGOALTOPIANO), developed and designed by Diego Dalla Palma, supported by the municipality of Enego than with the associazione commercianti (CONFCOMMERCIO ENEGO) and the Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto formed a consortium for the realization of the evening that will represent a sort of "Notte Bianca di Enego."

Even so, this country will have its "movida" and a unique opportunity to remember: perhaps the first in an ambitious programme, to give Enego shine and the title of "Pearl of the Plateau" as it was called in the 1950s.

In Enego, therefore, with the stars under the stars!

Private broadcasters will be more important and the Rai Region.

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