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Meetings with the prehistory in Lusiana, with prof. A. Broglio Friday 26 July

Friday 26/7/2013 at 20:45

Storia dell'uomo sull'Altopiano dalla Preistoria all'età Romana - Canove Museo ArcheologicoMeetings with the prehistory in Lusiana, with prof. A. Broglio Friday 26 July

Friday, July 26 in Lusiana at the Palazzon Museum at 20.45 hours there will be a cultural evening on the theme: "prehistoric hunters on the plateau", hosted by the prof. Alberto Broglio.

Hunting in prehistory

One of the first techniques used hunting was probably hunting for exhaustion practiced in Paleolithic times. In the period prior to the invention of weapons from launch, such as Spears and bows, one way to hunt a prey was to pursue it for long distances until the prey, dead, could be approached and demolished.

This activity could explain the passage of hominids to bipedal posture: posture erect reduces the speed of travel and the chance to catch a prey pursuitafter abrief, but allows a longer life that may encourage the hunt for exhaustion.

Also the development of glands sweat glands and the lack of hair of humans may have favored this type of hunting to keep the temperature low enough during a long race in the heat of the day. Other techniques could be the ambush, and the action Group 's in surround the prey.

With the advent of the first society of hunter-gatherers, hunting has begun has play a role more consistent in daily living . Fossil evidence of the use of Spears for hunting, where dating is about 16200 years ago, were found in Asia. In addition to lances (sometimes equipped with a propeller, or atlatls), the first weapons were throwing stones, bows and arrows.

According to some historians the advent of hunting may have contributed to the replacement of Holocene megafauna by smaller herbivores of later times.

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