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Monte Ortigara: the ordeal of the Alpine troops. Guided hike with Asiago Guide

Sunday 26/7/2015 at 09:00
Escursione al Monte Ortigara con Asiago Guide

Monte Ortigara: the ordeal of the Alpine troops. Guided hike with Asiago Guide the July 26, 2015

Sunday 26 July 2015 Asiago Guide presents the guided tour "Monte Ortigara: Calvary degli alpini", a historical themed on monte protagonist of the great war with the gory and bloody "battle of Ortigara".

The meeting is fixed at 09.00 at the parking lot of the consortium of Dairies (via f. Baracca Asiago). With your own move.


Excursion duration: full day
Fix: 4 on a scale of 1 to 5
Lunch: lunch.

Mountain symbol of the Great Highland war.
Here, where it was already difficult to survive even without a fight, are thousands of soldiers dead in Austrian and Italian imperversarono attacks in 1916 and especially in 1917. You can "read" the battlefield as it was 100 years ago; in fact the distance from and the sparse vegetation make for a perfectly visible signs left of the two armies arrayed to fight up here at 2000 m.

Cost: 10 euros per person, free under 15 years.
Including Guide, taxes and insurance.

To bring: hiking shoes, layered clothing (mountain climate changes very quickly), rain gear, water for the duration of the excursion (at least 1 litre for a full day), hat, sunscreen. The movie ticket weekly review "images of war" Lux cinema di Asiago (ensures a discount!).

We also recommend: trekking poles, dried fruits (from energy quickly), camera (a photo lasts forever a flower harvest a few hours ..).

The reservation is mandatory. To contact Asiago Guide press the buttons below.

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