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Musical concert Tango ma non troppo de Les Nuages Ensemble, Cesuna August 19

Monday 19/8/2013 at 21:00

Concerto musicale "Tango ma non troppo" de Les Nuanges Ensemble

Musical concert "Tango but not too" de Les Nuages Ensemble, Cesuna-August 19, 2013

Will be held Monday, August 19, 2013 at the Cinema Teatro Palladium Cesuna, at 21.00 hours, one of the concert & Music Culture 's most anticipated games of the season.

This is the welcome return de Les Nuages Ensemble, which experienced, in a previous gig, a huge success with their interpretation of Klezmermusic.

On this occasion, the great Ana Paraschiv (violin), Lucia Marino to clarinet, Alessandra Osella on accordion and Elizabeth Bansal on bass, with the show "Tango, but not too", a concert dedicated to the rediscovery of the tango of extraction varies (from Gardel to Pitch up at Gotham Project) played with original arrangements.

The tango is really a phenomenon that stems from the convergence between various musical styles, brought to Argentina from the numerous European immigration and the melodies and the rhythms of the pre-existing population in the country.
It's a mix of different musical influences, a hybrid of sounds, but also of emotions: sadness, sensuality, melancholy, nostalgia.

The apparentamenti with the klezmer genre practiced by far are numerous Ensemble and Nuages inevitable.  Jews constituted the fourth ethnic component of Buenos Aires, are no strangers to the birth and affirmation of the tango. Beautiful and relevant to this definition: "The tango is the music of those who have lost their homeland, those who come from elsewhere. A mixture of habanere and condombe of blacks, with the accordion a son of Italians and the violin of a Jew who has learned to play in the synagogue of some unpronounceable Poland village ".

For this, the four components of the ensemble Turin decided to give life to their new project "Tango, but not too much." The particular organic- accordion, double bass, clarinet and violin -is ideal to attempt a real travel the universe boor from the best known exponent of the genre, Carlos Gardel, the missed lesson of that extraordinary composer by the name of Astor Piazzolla and coming finally to more established and current developments in the tango, the brilliant production of Project Gotham.

Nuages-style great taste in the arrangements -is the added value of a delicate and intense, poignant and fascinating.


Ana Paraschiv, violin
Lucia Marino, clarinet
Alessandra Osella, accordion
Elizabeth Bosio, double bass

Music by Piazzolla, Rodriguez, Gardel, Gotham Project

As always, admission is free.

For information: www. artemusicaroana.it; artemusica.roana@keycomm.it or 349.4673264

All rights reserved.

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