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Musical evening with the group The footballs Roana, Sunday August 4, 2013

Sunday 4/8/2013 at 21:00

The Footballs serata anni 50Musical evening with the group "The footballs" Roana, Sunday August 4, 2013

The concerts are scheduled for the summer season on thePlateau of the seven Municipalities.

Sunday August 4, 2013 will be the turn of the group "The footballs" that will perform in Roana.

The concert will begin at 21:00 hours at the big top in the country.

It's a musical evening dedicated to the years ' 50.


During the summer 2008 three young musicians el (Alessandro, Martina, Emanuele) with a passion for blues and rock 'n' roll, decided to form a new group and share their love for the myths of 50 's playing in clubs and pubs in North Italy.

The turning point came in July 2009, the month of release in Italy of the cd "Strike!" by The Baseballs. This disc, simply amazing, the three young men who has been fatally injured, creating in them a desire to emulate the exploits of Sam, Basti and Digger. The location of the band's formation, however, is not at all easy ... in fact.

There is a need to find a guitarist and three vocalists with their same passion, and with the ability to create that vintage sound, typical of the years ' 50, featuring the music of The Baseballs. A few months later found in Nicholas (Lollo) guitarist. Well, the band is there! Now it's up to the singers ... and everything comes by chance.

It is the largest of all us meet ... the legendary Elvis Presley! In an evocative and moving interpretation of the gospel "You'll never walk alone" for three voices, the band finds their: Johnny, Sanny and Perez! Is love at first sight. The eyes intersect, hearts throb with emotion, it's done! ... from there begins the hard work to recreate the style The Baseballs. After many months in the rehearsal room between vocal and musical arrangements, finally comes the first concert in the evocative setting of the castle of Montorio, in front of hundreds of people triggered a rhythm of rock'n ' roll! Between requests and numerous accolades, there are many concerts they see The stupendous performances of Footballs live!

The 2012 is the year of the turnaround. The Footballs in fact see the exit from one of the three "historical" singers, the vicentino Luca "Sanny" Trevisan, and entry in Daniel's band "Pot" Patajo as always. The Footballs, in addition to the line-up change, begin a path to completion and refinement of their discovering and experimenting with new sounds. A mix between vintage sound typical of the years ' 50 and the more modern sounds, in a marriage. The first from The Footballs rearrangements, with a new production and a new live show!

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