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NOTHING to DECLARE Theatre Friends Pianiga XI Roan Theatre 12/10

Saturday 12/10/2013 at 21:00

Locandina spettacolo Niente da Dichiarare della compagnia Amici del Teatro di PianigaShow NOTHING to DECLARE Friends theatre company of Pianiga for XI Theatrical "Comune di Roana" in Canove the October 12, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013 at 21.00 hours at the teatro di Canove and within the framework of the XI Theatrical "Comune di Roana", will stage the famous play by Maurice Hennequin and Pierre Veber nothing to declare, presented by friends of the Teatro di Pianiga directed by Gianni Rossi.

The theatrical review "Comune di Roana" consists of four events, every Saturday in October with texts by great authors, staged by theater companies in the area.


To change gender play and meet new demands of comedy, it was decided to deal with the comedy of misunderstandings (love) and more precisely the tendency of "Parisians" how Feydeau (the FTA) and as Hennequin and Veber with the hilarious text "nothing to declare".

To do this already in the course of 2011 and in June, you choose and contact Gianni Rossi, noted expert Director of art by Trentamici Villatoro (Pd), with whose cooperation has taken a new lively experience of theatrical expression, within the project of growth and diversification of our group.

The comedy, set in living rooms well-placed and well-heeled Parisian nobility of 1870, slips away with a really fast-paced rhythm and full of twists and sudden comic banter, supported by numerous eclectic characters as Francois Dupont, judge of the ninth section and landlord, the exasperated Corinne, his wife and daughters Monique and Michelle. The fact of the matter is very simple: the young husband of Monique has not fulfilled his marital "duty" on their honeymoon on the train to Paris ... accomplice a customs officer too "pushy" from which the title of the play ... and Corinne, the MILF, wants at all costs to find a solution to this box.

Spettacolo Niente da Dichiarare della compagnia Amici del Teatro di Pianiga

Also love the plot established between Margot, la cocotte in the country, and all the male characters of the play leads to continuous blackmail between them and especially furious utterances by Corinne. The totally unexpected final lo leave the pleasure of the audience that will be to see us soon during 2012. The new comedy saw the inclusion of a new actor, David Fauri, already a student of Serena Fiorio and colleague of Alberto di Bernardo, who signs long term partnership with the role of the young Michelle's boyfriend, Janpierre Fournier.


Nicholas Patron
Maria Gabriella Masiero
Katia Cacco
Celeste Fa
Alberto di Bernardo
Davide Fauri
Martino Zabeo
Alberto Maretto
Arcavio Agostini
Elena Ravindra
Massimo Mazzaro
Silvia Lumber
Giulia Ruffato
Arianna Novo
David Pampagnin


Maria Gabriella Masiero
Stefania Berlato
Stage Sets
Alberto Maretto


Lorenzo Ronchin


Andrea Artusi

All rights reserved.

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