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Opening audio installation "a job for Camporovere"-Asiago Plateau

Saturday 6/9/2014 at 16:00
Installazione audio su incendio 8 agosto 1944 a camporovere

Campoovere audio setup on the fire of August 8, 1944

Saturday 6 septembeand 16 o'clock on the stairs at the entrance of the Church of Camporovere, will be presented the work "a job for Camporovere" created by Alessio Mazzaro with curatorship by Amedeo Gheller and Linda Carli.

The work consists of anaudio installation on the stairs of the Church and you can see and hear from 16 to 18. The audio work is then transmitted in the form of a short radio drama from Asiago Radio107.7 frequency, on days 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 September.

The work has been created using the interviews made in recent months, the witnesses of the fire of August 8, with the intent of giving the citizens of Camporovere andplateau communities the image offire.

Restore all the image which is only in the memory of a few, of the few who are witnesses.

A JOB for CAMPOROVERE by Alessio Mazzaro curated by Amedeo Gheller

Sound installation and transmission of a short radio drama.

Opening Saturday, September 6, Camporovere Church, at 16:00

TheAugust 8, 1944, during the German occupation of Italy, a group of partisans assaults a German truck TOT and kills four Germans in the mountains near Asiago. Immediately the Nazis together with fascists come in Camporovere village convinced both the place of origin of the partisans. Bring nineteen people on the wall of the Church to fucilarle, but the parish priest, along with a few elders speak Cimbro, manages to mediate. The General decides to set fire to the village in Exchange for the lives of the prisoners. The first part of the country-from the Church to the mountains-it must be burned immediately and the second part-from the Church of the Valley-the day after. The 18 people are evacquare because at 19 the country will be burned. The Germans burn half the country, 64 houses, but the next day the second half is not burned. In the days and months following the fire, people saved host side those of the burnt side.

There are no images or movies or physical traces ofCamporovere fire, the fire burning the city. But there are pictures in the memory of witnesses, of the few still alive. My work is a work for the citizens of Camporovere and the community of the Highland. My job is to restore the image of fire, giving all the image which is only in the memory of a few, of the few who are witnesses. Reactivate through my installation the testimony and living memory, to make the present.

After discovering the history of fire, I went to Camporovere together with the young curator Amedeo Gheller, to find, meet and interview witnesses of the burned side and saved. From these meetings and recordings of memoirs of witnesses was born "a job for Camporovere".

Due altoparlanti si confrontanoTwo speakers are confronted on the boundary line between saved and burned. One is placed on the staircase leading to the church burned in the country side, the other on the scale that comes from the saved. The speaker of the burned through the voices of those polled "tells" the images of the fire, the sounds of fire, all those tracks that don't exist physically but are photographs in their memory of witnesses. The speaker of the saved, instead, very directly tells the other reality, "fire we saw but we lived here." The two speakers in their opposition to recreate the space and the audience is invited to stay inside and listening to the image of the fire.

The work is divided into two phases: asound installation on the stairs at the entrance of the Church of Camporovere, Saturday, 6 September, from 16:00 to 18:00 where you can listen to the work publicly, and the live broadcast of the opera in the form of a radio drama by Radio Asiago. In the 5 days, from 7 to 11 September, all citizens of the plateau will have the opportunity to listen and get the image of fire, extract the correct on 107.7 radio frequency.

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