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National Pilgrimage on Mount Ortigara - from 12 to 14 July 2024

Traditional pilgrimage to Mount Ortigara

Dal 12/7/2024 al 14/7/2024
Pellegrinaggio sull'Ortigara 2024

On Sunday, July 14, 2024, an important event in commemoration of the fallen of the Great War will take place on the Plateau of the 7 Municipalities: the Pilgrimage to Ortigara.

The annual pilgrimage is organized in memory and honor of the fallen, missing and mutilated of the First World War and every year attracts many people from all over the Plateau, Veneto and beyond.

Holy Mass will be celebrated at the Church of M. Lozze and at the Severed Column at Cima Ortigara.

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From 9.00 a.m. ASIAGO: the Citadel of the Alpini in the Leiten area will be open.


Centenary Ceremony of the Asiago Section

10.00 am ASIAGO:

  • 10.00 a.m.: Massing in Piazza Carli (in front of the Cathedral); Honors to the National Labaro and the Gonfalons of the decorated Municipalities.
  • 10.15 a.m.: Raising of the flag and Deposition of the Crown at the nearby Loggia dei Caduti; Parade at the Leiten Shrine with the Deposition of the Crown inside; Return to Piazza Max Longhini for the unveiling of the Monument of the Alpino; Intervention of the authorities, refreshments will follow.


6.30 a.m. ASIAGO:

  • Piazzale Stadio del Ghiaccio: departure for Monte ORTIGARA del Labaro dell'Ass. Naz. Alpini and Sectional Banners.

9.00 a.m. MONTE ORTIGARA - Q. 2105:

  • At Colonna Mozza formation of the deployment, rendering of honors to the Labaro of the Ass. National Alpine Team, flag-raising.
  • Paratroopers dropped (weather conditions permitting).
  • Inauguration of a plaque to be placed at the base of the "Bell of the Fallen".

10.30 a.m. MOUNT ORTIGARA:

  • Celebration of Holy Mass, at the end of the speech of the Authorities, deposition of the Crown at the Severed Column, rendering of honors to the National Alpine Labaro, deposition of the Laurel Wreath on the Austro-Hungarian Memorial Stone.

10.30 a.m. MONTE LOZZE:

  • Adjacent to the church: Holy Mass for those who cannot go up to the memorial stones.

6.00 p.m. LEITEN:

  • Closure of the Citadel of the Alpini.


  • One-way traffic until 13.00 Piazza Saline-Passo Stretto-Campo Magro, then from that time the one-way is reversed.
  • Exemption from attendance bans from 12.00 noon on Thursday 6 until 24.00 on Sunday 9. Waiting authorized starting from Friday morning.
  • From Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 transit and parking ban for campers and motorhomes from Piazzale delle Saline to Piazzale di Passo Stretto.
  • Parking in Piazzale di Passo Stretto reserved for coaches, minibuses and authorized vehicles.
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