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Photography exhibition Snow White and the seven municipalities, Asiago

Dal 28/12/2011 al 7/1/2012

Mostra Altopiano 7 ComuniPhotography exhibition "Snow White and the seven municipalities," Asiago Plateau 7 made by the Club Photo municipalities, from 28 December 2011 at the January 7, 2012

From Monday, December 28, 2011 to Saturday, January 7, 2012, at the Hall in the Palace of the Masks of Asiago mountain community, the exhibition will be open to the public, "Snow White and the seven municipalities", produced by the "Club Photo Plateau seven municipalities."

This is a special event for all photography enthusiasts and mountain lovers.

"Snow White and the 7 municipalities" describes the magic of the plateau through 50 photos with good resolution.

The exhibition is curated by 'Association Club Photo 7 municipalities that have accepted the invitation the Councillor Andrea Benetti and the President of the Spanish Mountain Community Lucio.


The success of this exhibition from exposure to early summer led the Councillor to present it again this winter, in the usual location of the Mountain Community.

The main purpose of this organization is the preservation and enhancement of regional 'Asiago Plateau;

This location is an economic asset, natural, social, historical and cultural one.

The photographs on display are immediately understood that the Community's efforts to preserve Montana does, exploit and protect such beauty.


Mostra Comunità Montana

The photos tell the environment Altopianese the long winter months, the silence characteristic of this period, the smoke from the chimneys of the houses and customs of the inhabitants of this territory.


Life in the mountains change color and rhythm, animals hibernate, or mingle with their wetsuits in the winter landscape.

The snow and ice characterize the forests, the expanses populated with strange figures.

The Nature erases the signs of man with the snow covering paths, fences, pastures.

Water, sun and wind improvised ice sculptors with bizarre constructions.

Only one color seems to dominate the landscape in winter, white, interrupted only by the intensity of colors to paint the sky in the morning and evening.


Through the photographs of photographers will be easy to understand how Mario Rigoni Stern has said in the book "Under the Snow Trails" under the snow that just living his memories. This eliminates the superfluous white winter, with its contrasts of color accentuates the emotions, souls returning to the serenity that sometimes forgiveness in everyday life.



Hours: Monday - Friday from 16.00 to 20.00

Saturday and holidays: from 10.00 to 13.00 and to 21.00 dalle16.00


Info: www.clubfotograficoaltopiano.it

All rights reserved.

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