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Pino Costalunga and Vasco Mirandola in VENETO RIDENS OperaEstate, Enego August

Saturday 10/8/2013 at 21:00

Pino Costaluga e Vasco Mirandola in VENETO RIDENSPino Costalunga and Vasco Mirandola have indulged VENETO RIDENS for 2013, OperaEstate Enego August 10

Saturday, August 10 at the Palace of culture and tourism of Enego at 21.00 hours will be held about the event "Veneto Ridens", with Pino Costalunga and Vasco Mirandola. The event is part of a series of Festival Veneto OperaEstate 2013.

OPERAESTATE TICKET Via Vendramini 35 tel. 0424 524214 – 0424 519811
ADMISSION € 7 - € 5,00


VENETO RIDENS is a reading-spectacle of Pino Costalunga and Vasco Mirandola with music and live songs by Sergio Marchesini and Giorgio Hunchback of PBB. A look amused and irreverent a Veneto rewritten by contemporary authors.

• Pino Costalunga
• Vasco Mirandola
• Piccola Bottega Baltazar
• Sergio Marchesini
• Giorgio Hunchback

Each region has its own characteristics, its moods. It is not easy to find irony or humor in Venetian writers, yet here was born the Commedia dell'Arte. It's been a long time and that wriggle back every so often to remind us that in the smile, the scorn, not so far from us. However, we can note that some Astral conjunction or just because sometimes things come back, some Venetian contemporary writers have an ironic, humorous, a glance sometimes irreverent, sarcastic.

It seems a curious signal, which should be remarked. The landscapes, people and culture of Venice told as in a fairytale from herthe most loved writers. A trip to an unpublished Valdes did in the company of two professionals of rice: Pino Costalunga, who explored the humour in the play, which has drawn stories and fun tradition which has made capable interpreter, and Vasco Mirandola, himself a writer, who has attended a surreal, poetic comedy powered by a particular taste for the game. Who better to them could enhance this backfire?

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