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Plateau 2020 strategy-the development of the future of Altopiano di Asiago

Friday 6/2/2015 at 20:30

An Area Strategy for the plateau: the participatory planning

After the founding ofMontana Union appeared immediately clear to everyone that the only real goal that the municipalities wanted to give the Union was share a strategic vision in the medium to long term, identify existing resources to build a development process, adopt a method capable of coordinating the various financing instruments available to optimize resources.

On these three cornerstones is the path that theMontana Union and the Conference of mayors have started since the summer involving the economic forces, associations, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and individuals for the development of a framework for the "2020 Plateau".

To discuss these issues and share ideas to implement in the Area Strategy, theMontana Union and the Conference of mayors organise a meeting open to the entire population plateau and not Friday, February 6 at 20.30 at the Teatro Millepini di Asiago.

After the greetings of the Mayor of Asiago Roberto Rigoni Stern and the introduction by the President of the Union, Montana Mayor of Lusiana Antonella Corradin, will be provided insights and useful elements to the discussion by Marco Marcatili, project manager and Claudio Furini of Nomisma, an economic studies alongside the Conference of mayors in the path undertaken, the Secretary to the budget, Roberto Ciambetti and regional councillor Stefano Fracasso, Vice-President of Community Affairs Committee, Gianantonio Star, columnist for the Corriere della Sera, Andrea Rigoni, CEO of Rigoni di Asiago SpA, Giulio Santagata, Chief Executive of Nomisma and Giorgio Grasso, President of Veneto Sviluppo.

The participation of all categories and social and economic forces and citizens is of paramount importance.Will be collected the contacts of all participants and everyone can take an active part, advancing its proposals through a dedicated e-mail address.

The name of the initiative is directly linked to the strategy "Europe 2020", i.e. the ten-year plan for growth and jobs that theEuropean Union has launched in 2010, with the aim of overcoming the crisis and create conditions for a smart, sustainable and Inclusive.

Contribute to the achievement of these goals at the local level represents a great opportunity to translate the strategic vision into actions with consequences across the affected area. This implies the need to define more precisely the objectives to be achieved, the time needed and the adopted solutions to achieve them.

In the spirit of participatory process, Monday 19 January last at the Regency room, administrators and counselors of the 8 Municipalities came together to discuss what so far processed and to analyze the method that you want to implement a method that starts from the strategic vision and moves towards the funding opportunities and not vice versa, so as not to be then chasing deadlines and calls that just correspond to the objectives identified in the strategy.

It is in practice to have a logic that links between their development interventions, creating permanent connections between all parties who can contribute to the objectives and would intercept the resources of the various existing instruments in a coordinated manner.

"As the Conference of mayors we shared this method" explains the President Abdullah Corradin "and as we have already adopted Montana Union this approach in the application of the National Strategy for the inland areas, the programme adopted by the Department for development and Economic cohesion within the framework of the National Reform Plan to relaunch the development and services in marginal areas, in order to reverse the negative trends in place.

That of inland areas represents the first important occasion to initiate the participatory planning of Area Strategy. The analysis and comparison with the ministerial delegation chaired byformer Minister Boat of last November were identified 6 major criticality and priority axes of intervention which identify the tourism, theagriculture and the reconversion of second homes such as trigger points of change.

Appeared at all necessary to invert the training block and innovative that along with the digital divide of the combine to determine a stillness of enterprise economic situation, aggravated by raising the qualification structures and resources that operate in the tourism sector, strengthening the commercial action with an areal brand able to promote all the plateau and connect the different resources from active tourism, the historical-archaeological heritage and natural beauty.

Finally we would like to rethink a new model of agriculture products and market-oriented services that compete to promote the image of an area devoted to quality and to thehome in which you think a residential to reduced environmental impact, by retrieving the huge heritage of second homes to redesign thearea's identity".

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