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Play El Senator Volpon company Astichello, Asiago Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday 26/2/2013 at 21:00

"El senatore Volpon" AsiagoPlay " El " Senator Volpon company Astichello, Asiago Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The 2012/2013 Theatre created by Pro Loco Asiago and Sasso to Asiago.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013, at the teatro Millepini di Asiago, the show will take place "El Volpon Senator", staged by the theatre company Astichello " ".

It is an adaptation of the opera " ' vicentinoSenator Fox" by Louis Moon.

The show will begin at 21:00 hours.

The Pro Loco Asiago and Saba invites all interested persons to the shows to book tickets in advance given the success and ' appreciation that the review last year got.

Afterwards there will be still 3 plays.



It's been called "a joyous political satire, a cruel comedy, terribly true, masterfully written by one of the most famous contemporary authors".

Tells of a powerful politician, with his hands in dough into several more or less legitimate business, which in corrupted man's cynicism, had preserved a great faith in the shrine and in the purity of the family.

The protagonist is called to fight on two fronts; health and the attempt of his "friends" of the party to delete it.

This plot intertwines the romance between the daughter of the Senator and his Secretary. But marriage is impossible when it turns out that the Secretary is actually natural son of Senator Volpon, but the plot twists are not finished; Maria Vittoria loved and spoiled daughter of Mr and Mrs Volpon, really isn't a Senator's daughter but only his wife ... .. .then it all may end well .... almost.

Volpon, poor man, does not withstand the loss of values that his respectability he had always led to believe existed and is seized with a new heart attack, perhaps, yet the feelings remained.

A terribly real, with ironic crackling banter and big laughs that purchases, with the rewrite in Venetian language, immediacy and spontaneity.



Subscriptions: Entire 65 € Reduced 55 €

The reduction is the responsibility of the people over the age of 65 years and to holders of 2012/2013 Cineforum card

Subscriptions for students(including those registered at ' University for adults and senior citizens): 40 €

Single ticket for non-subscribers: full 10 € Reduced: 8 €


Presales at the 'tourist information Office of the municipality of Asiago Tel 0424 464081

All rights reserved.

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