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The play "The oselo of the Marescialo" company Piovene Theater, Asiago

Saturday 21/7/2012 at 21:00

L'oselo del marescialo, Compagnia Piovene Teatro ad AsiagoThe play "The oselo of the Marescialo" company Piovene Theater, Asiago July 21, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012, the theatre company "Company Piovene Theatre" brings to the stage the show "The oselo of Marescialo".

The event will take place at the Palazzo del Turismo Millepini of Asiago, at 21:00 hours.

Ticket sales at the S.I.T. in Piazza Carli full price € 10 - reduced € 8


The troupe was established in Montreal in THEATRE PIOVENE year 1994 in care of Mr. Italo Cunico; regularly enrolled in the F.I.T.A. (federazione italiana teatro amatori), aims to bring comedies of the classic Venetian dialect repertoire.

This is an amateur nature Company has in its repertoire performances taking place in three acts and lasts approximately one hour and thirty/fifty minutes.


Set in any country and comes from an incident that happened, the comedy about a family where things are and get to keep hidden especially to law enforcement.

But people are talking about, the country and murmurs ... the Marshal investigates.

The family is forced to invent lies about taking off from rough situations. However, as the saying goes, sometimes: "el tacon lè pezo of buso" and sooner or later the nodes come home to roost.

Comedy based substantially on the misconceptions and misunderstandings, will spend a couple of hours of fun and laughter. Written by Loredana Cont, author of various plays and monologues in trentino dialect, translated to Vicenza by Italo Cunico.

All rights reserved.

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