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Presentation book Gianni Tedeschi From OVRA the TENTH MAS-Asiago 16 August

Friday 16/8/2013 at 18:00

Dall'Ovra alla Decima Mas di Gianni TedeschiBook presentation by Germans From the 10TH MAS, OVRA in Asiago the 16 August

Friday, 16 August at 18.00 hours at Piazza San Rocco di Asiago will be presenting "From the 10th mas ovra- a youth in two decades," the book written by Gianni Tedeschi.

In case of bad weather, the presentation will be held at the library laws and Dreams.


I remember Gianni Tedeschi and his troubled life, narrated in his memoirs, flow from Genoa of his childhood and adolescence-with its historical centre made of alleys teeming with activity and human figures vanished-at your service in the "R" and Teams of OVRA, specializing in contrast of pedophilia and pederasty, the second world war, that Germans will live by participating in events such as the ill-fated operation "G.A. 1" of the Submarine Iride and missions on Atlantic submarines Betasom's, and finally, from 1943 to 1945, among the ranks of Determined Battalion of the 10th Flotilla Mas in his hometown of Genoa, Montecchio Maggiore and following the autoreparto of the Tenth Division in Thiene.
The tragic events of April 25, 1945 and of the immediate post-war period that Germans suffered as many adherents to the RSI -the humiliation of a long detention, they will be reborn to a new life, with the discovery of an artistic capacity expressed through painting that was for him his profession, and the regenerative force able to give him the serenity so long denied.

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