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Presentation of the book of Survey 40703, Shekhar Treschè Conca Sunday July 15,

Sunday 15/7/2012

Indagine 40814 Luca Valente

Presentation of the book " " of Survey 40703, Shekhar Treschè Conca Sunday July 15, 2012

Sunday July 15, 2012, Strong Corbin at Treschè Conca, Asiago plateau, writer Shekhar will present his bookSurvey 40814" ".

The ' event, which will take place in the afternoon, includes free admission.

Location special and evocative, ideal for the presentation of this book.


Luca Valente was born in Pieve di Cadore (Belluno) in 1973, but lives in Schio, Vicenza province since early childhood.

Writer, historian and journalist, is the author of numerous publications, short essays and articles about the second world war.

Among his historical works include " a city occupied " (1999-2000 Menin, three volumes), " L ' last battle " (Menin 2002), country " " trap (Menin 2003), " listening to Radio London " (Menin 2003), " the mystery of the Japanese Mission " (Cierre 2005 – with p. Savegnago), So we were " " (municipality of Thiene 2005), ten-day war " " (Cierre 2006)", Himmler's Geologists (Cierre 2007) ", " Through two wars " (Barter Archive Committee 2007), Two years behind the wheel " on snow and mud tracks " (Menin 2008), Bombs Away! " (" – 2010 with M Menin. From the Lake, f. R.m, g. and g. Versolato Drills), " the truth about 8 September " (Menin 2011).

He also collaborated in the creation of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, conferences, cultural meetings, presentations of books and documentaries movies; simultaneously conducts freelance journalism and editing (it's publicist since 2001) to various periodical press.

For some time he also writes about spiritual matters (he is the author, with Sabrina Dal Molin, earthly lives life in the afterlife – the meeting point 2011) and narrative.

40814 investigation is his first novel. Another his opera inedita, romance a better place, was selected among the top three in the Veneto and national semi-finalists at the literary prize "La Giara" della RAI (2012).

40814 Survey is the first novel by Shekhar, IHE Schio historian and journalist.

Is a mystery/thriller set largely in the province of Vicenza in the summer of 2006, with the main protagonists a journalist and historian. Frequently, however, are the historical flashbacks that show back in time the narration, the middle ages (just before the year 1000) and the 2nd World War.

The book (pp. 436 euro, ISBN 978-19, 88-96136-34-8) was published in September 2011 from Attilio Fernandes Publisher of Bassano del Grappa, and inducted into the Ubik Necklace.


All rights reserved.

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