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Puppet of Hotel Crab, Trukitrek Cesuna di Roana Friday, August 24, 2012 Friday

Friday 24/8/2012 at 21:00

Trukitrek "Hotel Crab" a CesunaPuppet " of " Hotel Crab, Trukitrek Cesuna di Roana Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012 the cuCuFestival proposes the event "Hotel Crabcompany " Trukitrek in Cesuna of Roana.

It is one of several initiatives planned by the exhibition from 24 to August 26, 2012.

Many foreign artists perform in these 3 days in Roan municipality.

Hotel Crab is a wonderful puppet show for children and adults.

The event will begin at ' hours 21:00 at Piazzale Ex Station of Cesuna.



Trukitrek is a theatre company to figure that he shows with puppets for audiences of all ages.

In 1998 the members of this Brazilian-Spanish training, from different artistic backgrounds, come together to form the company.

All ' start the company creates performances with classic puppet strings, but gradually succumb to their characters ' parts of your body. Hands, feet and arms until finally accept to give the face for their own characters.

Living puppets at the limit between theatre and puppetry, illusion of characters at the edge of the surreal.



Summer. A distant port city. A hotel by the seaside.

Guests and employees do not suspect that those days will change their lives ...

Hotel Crab is a puppet show for audiences of all ages, a comedy full of surprises, passions and misunderstandings.

A story set in Russia at a time that is neither real nor present.A dreamlike atmosphere, voluntarily, to provoke the spectator a curious glance.

Hôtel Crab tells the story of a hotel where nothing ever happens, but also of the new visitor who has just arrived.

Inspettati events break the monotony of this peculiar place. A steal at midnight to take everyone by surprise and the routine of each character will change completely since then.

Hotel Crab is a story without words, where will the sequence of scenes and characters to mimic lead the
Viewer. Is an intrigue by the theatrical language very close to silent films.

Artistic card
Actors: Lu Pulici, Magda Mañé, Kiko Lozano and Josep Piris.
Drawing Art Director: Rafaella Brusaglino.
Scenic and puppet construction: Lu Pulici and Josep Piris.
Costumes and musical montage: Lu Pulici.
Tool: Josep Piris.
Screenplay: Lu Pulici and Josep Piris.
Director: Lu Pulici.

Genre: comedy. Family show.
Duration: 50 minutes.


To see the entire program of the Festival of street theatre CuCuFestival click on: 2012 CuCuFestival Roana

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