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Remembrance Granezza massacre on Monte Corno, Asiago plateau Sunday September 2

Sunday 2/9/2012 at 09:30

Commemorazione Eccidio di Granezza 2012Remembrance " " Granezza massacre on Monte Corno, Asiago plateau Sunday September 2, 2012

Sunday September 2, 2012, ' on theAsiago plateau, there will be a commemoration of the Massacre of ' Granezza.

The event will take place in Località Monte Corno, Lusiana, 9:30 hours.

As usual, this year the commemoration of ' ' Granezza massacre is a ' opportunity to pay tribute to all those who fought and sacrificed their lives for freedom and democracy.

The commemoration is held in the ' anniversary of the battle of Granezza between the partisan forces and fascism held 66 years ago.

Dell ' dead Granezza massacre were 40, including 14 soldiers of Speer killed for desertion.

Followed days of terror on the ' plateau, with fires, shootings and devastation.

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