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Review of singing with the choir and the chorus SINNAI, Asiago, ASIAGO June 25, 2016

Saturday 25/6/2016 at 21:00

rassegna coro asiago giugno 2016 Saturday, June 25, 2016, the Teatro Eliseo di Asiago will host the beloved Choir Asiago and the Chorus S ' Arrodia di Sinnai for an evening of traditional songs.

The concert "with OUR SINGING COME ..." will begin at 21.00 hours, at the teatro asiaghese. The Asiago Choir and the Chorus S ' Arrodia di Sinnai (CA) will delight the audience with their music and talent, in a really nice evening, to spend with friends and family, in memory of the tragic events that shook our country during the great war.

A hundred years ago, in fact, our countries were destroyed by the bombs of the Austro-Hungarian army and our population was forced to flee precipitately homes, beginning to profugato.

Between May and August of 1916 over 22,000 refugees from Asiago district were displaced and all municipalities were vacated; the entire population of the plateau was hijacked over the plain, mainly in towns in our province. It was still a temporary accommodation because, in the weeks that followed, many refugees were destined for other places, to the main cities in Northern Italy; a small part was sent to Sicily or in the South.

Came the "Sassari" Brigade -151° e 152° infantry regiment, almost all composed by Sardinian soldiers, to defend the plateau, being protagonist of heroics on the Monte Fior, Castelgomberto, on Mosciagh and onor Zebio.

The "Sassari" remained on the plateau for over a year. During brief breaks the thought of the soldiers ran to their land and to combat homesickness Sardinian soldier sometimes works with the song: "song for three voices" and "muttettos" certainly rieccheggiarono among our mountains.

For this occasion, therefore, the Chorus Asiago wanted to include in the review the choir "S ' Arrodia" to remember together what happened a hundred years ago;  to express the gratitude to all those who came out of these mountains and did not return to their homes and their loved ones and with the hope that the song that always unites and never divides, becomes a message of hope for a future without war.


The "Coro Asiago" was established in 1952 by a group of friends were members of the "schola cantorum" Parish, who decided to come together to learn the songs of Trento, animated by a. T. passion for the mountains and for singing, supported by the friendship that had been created between them.

The debut was on August 16, 1952 in Asiago on stage at the square of the "Prunno", under the name "Asiago" choral group.

Many years have passed since then and the choir Asiago has earned a prominent role not only in the cultural landscape of the plateau, but also of the Veneto region.

The choir currently consists of 33 items that come from various municipalities of the plateau; This allowed him to grow numerically and technically, taking one district size never known before.

THE CHOIR SINNAICoro sarrodia di sinnai

Founded in Sinnai in December since 2007 by a group of friends and music lovers at the behest of its Director Maurizio Balan, the Male Choir S ' Arrodia is committed to promote choral singing within the folk traditions of Sardinia in General and of Sinnai in particular.

It is formed by a group of friends (32 items) that, having long played folk activities, have decades of experience and understanding in the field of song and popular traditions.

The chorus S ' Arrodia carries out this task with passion and commitment, aimed at enriching the Repertoire of Sinnaese tradition, playing pieces by local composers and authors. He also Arrodia it is also proposed as an innovative, presenting songs born entirely within the Association, thanks to the poetic of Callander and musical talent, completely self-taught, our Director Maurizio Balan.


Chorus Asiago

  • To preat
    (Arm. L. Pigarelli)
  • And with steam cifolo
    (Arm. L. Pigarelli)
  • He died a alpin
    (Nazareno Taddei)
  • The song of farewell (Waltz of the candles)
    (Arm. M. Marchesi)
  • The carriages
    (Transcr. R. Dionisi)
  • Rindola
    (Bepi De Marzi)
  • Benia Calastoria
    (Bepi De Marzi)

Chorus S ' Arrodia

  • S ' Arrodia
    Lyrics by: Robert Callander
    music/arm.ne by: Maurizio Balan

  • Unu Ballu Pilicanu
    Text = Franceschino Satta
    music/arm.ne: Alessandro Catte

  • O my beautiful Sardinnia
    Text: Francesco Contini
    music/arm.ne by: Maurizio Balan

  • Is Duas Columbas
    Lyrics by: Robert Callander
    music/arm.ne by: Maurizio Balan

  • Cunservet Deus Su Re (or Hymnu Sardu Nationale)
    Text = Mons. Vittorio Angius
    Music = Banneddu = John Gonnella harmonisation Ruju

  • At Duruseddu
    Text = Franceschino Satta
    music/arm.ne: Alessandro Catte

  • About Binu
    Text = Chao
    traditional music =
    harmonisation = Maurizio Balan

  • Sa Corsicana
    Lyrics and music = Popular
    harmonisation = Banneddu Ruju

  • About Ballittu Cadenzadu
    Text = Gavino Truddaju
    traditional music =
    harmonisation = Alessandro Catte

  • Mere Windfall
    Music: Piero Marras
    Armonizzione: Lorenzo Zonca

  • Dimonios
    Lyrics and music = Luciano Sagar
    harmonisation = Maurizio Balan

All rights reserved.

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