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Menu degustazione Risi e Gotti al Ritorante Villa Ciardi Altopiano di Asiago

Until December 3, 2023, the elegant Villa Ciardi Restaurant, located in the heart of Canove di Roana, offers "Risi e Gotti", a special TASTING MENU.

This unique dining experience includes a selection of carefully paired wines , an appetizer of your choice, two fabulous risottos , and an à la carte dessert

Immersed in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, you can savor refined dishes that combine, in a symphony of flavors, the authenticity of tradition with the innovative creativity of Chef Alberto.

Each course will be cared for in every detail and prepared with passion, using only top quality ingredients.

Experiencing a high-level gastronomic journey at the Villa Ciardi Restaurant, in an elegant and welcoming environment, savoring the delicious proposals of the tasting menu, will be a pleasure that goes beyond taste, involving all the senses in a rewarding experience.

Find the menu below.

TASTING MENU "RISI E GOTTI" of the Villa Ciardi Restaurant

Appetizer of your choice

Risottos (two of your choice from those below)

  • Pumpkin risotto, gorgonzola and wild herbs - an explosion of autumn flavors in every bite
  • Mixed mushroom risotto, asiago cheese and crispy speck - an explosion of taste that will conquer your palate
  • Risotto with radicchio, sausage and sweet mezzano flakes - a rich and tasty dish that combines the slight bitterness of radicchio with the enveloping taste of sausage and Asiago
  • Risotto with beetroot, Dobbiaco PDO cheese and crispy bacon - a creamy dish prepared with roasted beetroot, aged PDO cheese and crispy pork cheek, an irresistible mix of flavours and textures
  • Sea bass risotto with alpine butter and cherry tomatoes - the fresh flavor of the sea blends with the creamy risotto to create a tasty and satisfying dish
  • Risotto carbonara - the dish is a riot of taste with crispy bacon, eggs, pecorino romano and black pepper an Italian classic revisited in a creamy key

Paired wines selected by Marco


Cost: 60 € per person

For further information and reservations, please contact the Villa Ciardi Restaurant by clicking on the green button below:

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