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Roan horse, Pony school playground, Pond of Roana, Asiago plateau

Dal 10/7/2016 al 20/8/2016
giro in pony per bambini roana

School ponies for children at the pond of Roana, Asiago plateau .10 July-August 20, 2016

The Comune di Roana, in collaboration with thePEGASUS PONY CLUB SSD a.r.l., also offers for the summer 2016 every day from July 10 to August 20, 2016, the equestrian sport school approach with the pony given to children aged 4 to 16 years

Can learn to ride a horse playing and equestrian tourism experience for children, with Pony trekking through the assistance of qualified personnel.

The pony is the field partner travel and adventure, and last but not least, a way to experience the mountain walks with mom and dad. The whole family can accompany the little Knight to learn all about the forests ofAsiago plateau, local mushrooms , moving through hiking trails and drawn from the great war for traces of Elves and fairies that inhabit the Woods and legends of the plateau.


  • PONY RIDE, for the thrill of the first time for children from 4 years
  • PLAY PONY , we learn to stay in the saddle by playing for children from 4 years
  • PONY TREKKING, guided tour lasting 1 hour for the whole family with children aged 6 years and Pony Rides
  • PONY LAB, theoretical-practical workshop approach to the sport, including equestrian riding and games with ponies for children from 6 years

bambino in sella ad un Pony

The pony ride lasts 20 minutes, cost 10 € per child, are taken to turn in teaching the Basic rudiments of horseridingand Recommended as a first approach: exercises and games to bring the child to the pony and make him stay in the saddle. From 4 to 14 years.

Equestrian sport approach lessons-pony game (or pony) last for 45 minutes, € 20 per module, if you purchase a package of 10 classes will apply a discount of 10% (if you can make even one of course). 4/14 years

Pony trekking takes 1:20, the only activity carried out on the trails, 30 € 1 pony 50 € x 2, accompanied (parents optional) instructors walk. Is walk down the road of Bisa or towards malga Grupach, using dirt paths. It requires at least 1 lesson prior to refine your confidence with the pony. 6/14 years

Pony lab lasts 45 minutes 18 €, it teaches the cleanup, lesson, lesson with teaching cards, then mounts the remaining time (20/25 min). This is a lesson on care and caregiving theory modulated and morphology of the horse, which then the student puts into practice with the instructor (grooming), then the pony is saddled and it makes a part of lessons in the field. For children from 6 to 14 years.

Acre park, Hotel Baita Laghetto, Beach pond is for 20% discount. All services must be booked, No Trekking takes place on Sundays for traffic and safety problems in the paths.

bambini con i pony roanaTHE LOCAL PONY TIMES

The Pony area is open 7 days out of 7 at the following times:

  • from 10.00 to 12.00 in the morning
  • from 15.00 to 18.00 in the afternoon

For more information contact the Comune di Roana by pressing the buttons below or the PEGASUS PONY CLUB SSD ARL the number 392-4666666

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