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Robin Hood Armamaxa Teatro in Asiago 21 April 2013

Sunday 21/4/2013 at 17:00

Robin Hood Finalmente Domenica 2013

Robin Hood-Armamaxa Theatre in Asiago 21 April 2013

Sunday 21 April 2013 held the theatrical "Robin Hood, the story of Robert of Wood always affecting in the sign ".

It is one of three events of the children's Theatre " Finally Sunday 2013 ", submitted by the Municipality of Asiago in collaboration with the associazione ' Arteven.

The show is and with Giuseppe Chakma and Henry Messina.

Robin Hood will take place at the Teatro di Asiago Millepini at 17:00.


Robin Hood

Sherwood Robin Hood, the outlaw par excellence, is perhaps the only character of European culture that has managed to cross with perfect naturalness, and not without some transformation, all mass media that have followed by the late Middle Ages until today: from the oral tradition of fairs and markets to the global village of communication film and television.

Thief and robber, Bandit and a gentleman, "best Archer of England" becomes, in the tradition of broadside ballads, the figure of the man who rebelled against social injustice and bullying of the dominators. Brigante and paladino collection, offender of the rich, powerful and titled landowners, Robin is therefore on the side of farmers and shepherds: "steal from the rich and give to the poor".

Defender of the people downtrodden by the powerful or simply brave rogue that ignore the constraints of the law, Robin embodies in itself the universal human aspiration to freedom. His deeds are research, unless the claim, a human dignity that ransoms the marginal and degraded lives. Tell the story of Robin Hood offers, therefore, an opportunity to give children a simple message but of universal value. His charm is all to be rediscovered and is always up to date, as lives and current are the ancient and human reasons that underpin it.

With the "ways" of a major theater and a bit of another era, made poor scenes built with simple materials, and without lights "effects", the two actors speak to children with the language of the story for riavvicinarli to the size of the audience; evoke the story of Robin and as storytellers from small village, we are lost and seem to never begin, turn, invent and play; If the sew and there find themselves in "kids" engaged to climb trees just like Robin Hood and his sidekick Little John.

There was once a famous Bandit who strove to become something else ... and a baby who decided to climb trees to escape the unjust laws of the world of the great and look at the world from above, pinched between forefinger and thumb of his hand, put it in your pocket and take him away.

Technique used: narrative and theater actor


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FINALLY SUNDAY 2013 Theatre Teatro Millepini di Asiago

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