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Screening of the silent film "Nosferatu the Vampire," Cesuna August 5, 2013

Monday 5/8/2013 at 21:00

"Il capolavoro di Friedrich Murnau - Nosferatu il Vampiro", CesunaSilent films with musical accompaniment " black and white Notes ", " Friedrich Murnau's masterpiece-Nosferatu the vampire ", Cesuna-August 5, 2013

"Black and white" is a small review of silent movies born from the collaboration between gallium Film Festival & music and culture. The intention is to propose to the modern audience the magic of black and white film, no sound but accompagnati by music performed live. During the second round, planned for 21.00 hours of Monday, August 5 at the Cinema Teatro Palladium Cesuna, will screen the masterpiece by F.w. Murnau: Nosferatu the Vampyre "

Bremen 1838

"A ' shadow left carrier of plague and death advances toward Wisborg. Travels in coffins full of Earth desecrated and his victims can be discerned from the Mark left on the neck by his canines. Only a woman of pure heart can break the curse, freely offering him her blood until you raise the Sun and the Rooster sing. "

Roana, August 5, 2013 hours 21

Andrea Zardo (Bass & Live electronics) + Manuel Mocellin (guitar & Live electronics) tell again through their music the story of Nosferatu, the Vampire, literallyNot Expired" ", silent film masterpiece of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau and one of the cornerstones of horror films and expressionist, screened for the first time on March 5, 1922.
Sounds of strings, effects, loops and sounds accompany the film to a new highly personal re-reading of this great work survives to this day almost miraculously.
In fact the film is based loosely on the novel Dracula (1897) by Bram Stoker, and Murnau had to change the title, the names of the characters (Count Dracula became count Orlok, played by Max Schreck) and places (from London to Wisborg) for problems related to the legal rights of '. The Director, however, was sued by the heirs of Stoker; lost the lawsuit for infringement of d ' author and was sentenced to destroy all copies of the film, however a copyof clandestine" " was saved by Murnau, and again today so we can admire this masterpiece.

As always, the 'entrance is free.
For information:
www. artemusicaroana.it

All rights reserved.

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