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Screening of Winter the Dolphin Asiago, Tuesday, July 17, 2012 The program

Tuesday 17/7/2012

Film Winter il delfino Asiago

Screening of " Winter the Dolphin " Asiago, Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The program "The child's city", a week dedicated to families and children, continues Tuesday, July 17, 2012 with the screening of the film "Winter the Dolphin".

The ' event will be held at the Lux cinema of Asiago, 15:00 hours.

The incredible story of Winter ' the Dauphin (Dolphin Tale) is a 2011 film directed by Charles Martin Smith, based on the story of the Dolphin Winter.

The film is inspired by a real life and extraordinary story of Winter, a female dolphin which was rescued in December 2005 off the coast of Florida and taken into custody by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

After getting tangled in a rope tied to a trap for crabs, he lost his tail, which was replaced with a special prosthesis.


Sawyer Nelson is riding along the beach, when a fisherman asks for help after finding a wounded Dolphin tangled in a trap for crabs.

The Dolphin is entrusted to the care of the Clearwater Marine Hospital, directed by Dr. Clay Haskett. Clay's daughter, Hazel binds the Dolphin named Winter, as the previous two dolphins (Summer and Autumn) which were released successfully in the ' Ocean.

To Sawyer are given the chance to see Winter even though all ' start Dr. Haskett is not d ' agreement, because the guy is not trained in the care of marine animals.

However, after noticing that Winter responds very positively to Sawyer's view, grant him permission to see her. Then Sawyer, who had been enrolled in summer school, I miss everyday lessons for visiting Winter.

The boy's mother, Lorraine discovers her son continues to skip lessons and after seeing that the strong syntony between Sawyer and Winter has improved the ' mood and well-being of the child (which Sawyer had not demonstrated since he was abandoned by his father), he withdraws from summer school and lets him to volunteer at the ' Hospital where the dolphin.

Unfortunately, the Winter is irreparably damaged and so it must be amputated.

Winter learn to swim without tail, developing particular swimming movement running fish, but after an x-ray, Dr. Haskett realizes that the unnatural swimming dolphin, is causing stress on his spine, and if this continues, this motion will cause death.

Meanwhile, Sawyer's cousin, Kyle, a swimming champion, back from the military with the right leg damaged by explosion ' (which has been amputated).

Sawyer visited at the medical centre of the local Department of veterans, where he meets Dr. Cameron McCarthy, who specializes in dentures.

Sawyer thinks that a prosthetic tail may be the best solution for Winter health and asks Dr. McCarthy of trying, he agrees to work on the project and convinces his prosthetic supplier to provide you with the appropriate parts at no charge.

Dr. McCarthy builds a model of temporary queue awaiting the arrival of the true ' prostheses, but Winter will hurt going to slam against the wall of the pool.

Shortly after the ' Hospital (formerly in financial hazards) is seriously damaged by a hurricane and the Board of Directors decided to close the ' hospital to sell the land in a land Baron.

However, after a chance encounter with a mother and a daughter (who have heard of the story of Winter and came to Atlanta to see it, because even the daughter doesn't have a left leg), Sawyer decides to try a ' last action, Save Winter Day (literally, Save Winter Day), to save the ' plant.

Dr. Haskett does not accept this idea, but reconsiders after speaking with his father Reed. Kyle decides to engage in a race against Donovan (his friend and champion of swimming) and convinces his friend dell ' television station Bay News 9 to promote the ' event. Finally, the prosthetic tail arrives, however also increase problems for Winter.

Sawyer discovers that Winter does not reject the queue, but the sheath to which it is connected is irritating to the skin of the dolphin. Dr. McCarthy arrives with a particular kind of gelatinous sheath and eventually, Save Winter Day, the Dauphin accepts his tail and his new gelatinous sheath.

To Save Winter Day, l ' Sawyer teacher gives credit points for his work in the hospital, so Sawyer exceeds the summer school despite not having formally attended lessons. The fisherman who had initially found Winter, make a donation (saying " Winter and I are old friends ").

In the end, the real estate deal is canceled ' and l ' entrepreneur who had to buy the land commits to the ' hospital remains open.

Source Wikipedia

All rights reserved.

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