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Exhibition "CENT'ANNI FA... THE GREAT WEEK" at Fort Corbin - Asiago Plateau

Dal 16/11/2019 al 7/4/2020
Mostra Cent'anni fa La Grande Guerra

Great War Exhibition at Punta Corbin Fort - November 16, 2019 to April 26, 2020

Given the great interest aroused, and thanks to the availability of the historical association of cimeetrincee, the stay of the traveling exhibition entitled"One Hundred Years The Great War" has been prolonged, which will then remain at Fort Corbin until 26 April 2020.


From Bergamo to Tresché Conca,a traveling exhibition arrives at Fort Corbin
The new exhibition area of the Fort Corbin,built in the spaces once dedicated to the official canteen, has opened the doors to an exhibition that comes from afar and that has toured for four years in the various alpine sections of Lombardy, fully illustrating the events that occurred during the 1915-1918 conflict.

The exhibition, entitled"One hundred years ago... the Great War"was curated by theHistorical Association Cimeetrincee with the precious collaboration of theA.N.A. Section of Bergamo and the Alpine group of Azzano Sao Paulo and was coordinated by the target Mauro Marchi, who was able to draw on the help of many experts and enthusiasts of the theme, for a truly exceptional result.
Among the collaborators is also the Commission of the IFMS Prize,which in 2014 awarded the Panozzo family,owner of Fort Corbin,recognizing the importance of its work in safeguarding the memory of the Great War.

Forty panels accompanied by a large photographic apparatus, describe year by year the First World War,analyzing the various fronts, the different battles without forgetting to delve into in a diachronic way particular issues closely related to the conflict, such as uniforms, the role of women, intelligence, correspondence and much more.

The exhibition is complete with a catalogue,a volume of recent publication that can be purchased at the book shop of the fort, with which fans will be able to further delve into the themes covered in the exhibition.


The exhibition will be open from Saturday 16 November 2019 to Sunday 19 January 2020 26 April 2020,on the from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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