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Show Djuggledy: El Diablo cuCuFestival, Treschè Cesuna of Roana Saturday August

Saturday 25/8/2012 at 22:00

Djuggledy "El diablo" a Mezzaselva" Show Djuggledy: El Diablo " cuCuFestival, Treschè Cesuna of Roana Saturday August 25, 2012

Continue the cuCuFestival, a series of roving shows in the streets of the Village of Roana, Asiago plateau, from 24 to August 26, 2012.

The show proposed Saturday, August 25, 2012 to Treschè Cesuna the Festival is calledEl Diablo" ", created by artist ' Djuggledy.

This event will be held at 22:00 hours at the playground in the country.

Jan Manske, aka "Djuggledy", juggler and showman from Berlin, after the ' debut seven years ago has perfected the technique of juggling related instrument del diablo and created numerous shows, which combine all skill ' in ' ' use a special tool involving comedy, and seduces the audience.

Many street performances scheduled for cuCuFestival in these three days.


Pure positive energy and the finest technique with the disc-jockey del diablo! A spectacle applauded in all the squares d ' Europe.

Warm up your hands if you see flying the diablo to heights unimaginable, if you see colored twirl amid a dense circle of people with their mouths open astonishment and joy '.

Get ready for a truly original, previously unpublished figures, where good energy and sheer comicality held together to the beat of a music perfectly designed to give emphasis to the show and entertain audiences of all ages.

To see the entire program of the Festival of street theatre CuCuFestival click on: 2012 CuCuFestival Roana

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