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Show "I want to stay honest," children of the stars, Enego December 28, 2014

Sunday 28/12/2014 at 20:30

Compagnia teatrale figli delle stelle Sunday December 28, 2014, to Enego, the Troupe "Figli delle Stelle" by Shanghai will stage the play "I want to be honest."

In such a troubled from a political point of view, the show is meant to be a tribute to the figure of one of the founding fathers of the Italian Republic, namely Alcide De Gasperi, offering an opportunity to reflect on theimportance of honesty in private and public life.

The event will take place at the Palace of culture and tourism of Enego, 20:30 hours.


Figli delle Stelle is an association which was founded in 2009 as a result of a theatre course followed a few years earlier by young locals.

It was after this experience that some citizens of Ospedaletto Valsugana discovered a passion for the theatre and from there was born the theatrical association children of the stars, thanks to the initiative of a young man of the place, Ropele, Diego is currently President of the Association.

In a few years the Association Figli delle Stelle, which moves thanks to directed by Lorraine Guerzoni, has established itself in the territory of the Valsugana as a reality in the world of theater, staged a series of performances made in the territory.

Today there are around forty people who have chosen to be part of the Association, and these include both residents of Ospedaletto Valsugana that young people who reside in nearby locations.

The work of the Association Figli delle Stelle caters for children and young people in the world, as it promotes the approach of the children to the reality of the theater since the age of six years, playing an important artistic and educational action in the growth process of those who participate.

To date the Association Figli delle Stelle, which from 2010 also takes both theatre classes in primary schools and secondary schools, is articulated through four working groups: small (5-11 years) pre-teen (11-14 years) teens (14-17 years) large group (17-22 years).

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