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Show WINTERS of MARIO Rigoni Stern-Literary Songbook, 5 January

Sunday 5/1/2014 at 20:45

Spettacolo Gli Inverni di Mario Rigoni Stern del Canzoniere LetterarioShow WINTERS of MARIO Rigoni Stern of Literary Songbook, 5 January to Gallio

Sunday January 5, 2014 at the gallium Hall at 20.45 hours the Literary Songbook, music and cultural workshop words, will present the show Mario Wintersfreely, with readings from texts by Mario Rigoni Stern and music.

Admission is free.


The Literary Songbook was born from the encounter between artistic affinities ranging from music, to Theatre and acting. Artistic forms always used to tell "our stories" made of feelings, emotions, love, life ...

A song or a literary piece always communicate a message of historical context and cultural sensitivity.

A theme is the basis of literary and musical choices of Literary Songbook. Our daily life themes dealt with artistic style from authors who lived their historical-cultural moment: thelove, feelings, war, freedom, democracy, migration, justice, relationships, solidarity... At the base of each proposal there is a research and historical/cultural/documentation musicale.

Readings and songs are taken mainly from the literature and from the Italian tradition of singer.


Mario Rigoni Stern was born in Asiago (Vicenza) on 1 November 1921. She spent her childhood between the shepherds and mountain peoples of theplateau of Asiago, just after the great war.

In 1938, he joined the Military School of mountaineering of Aosta and fights as Alpinebattalion Vestone, in France, Greece, Albania, Russia. Taken prisoner by the Germans when the Italy signs the Armistice (September 8, 1943), has moved to East Prussia. Falls at home, walk the May 5, 1945.

"The man of" not moving from his native country. It is used in the municipal cadastre until 1970, and then he devoted himself entirely to writing craft.

In 1953, Elio Vittorini, having defined non-writer, public vocation at the Tokens of Einaudi, his first novel the Sergeant in the snow, which soon became a Classic of modern Italian literature, and who narrates, autobiograficamente, the story of a group of Italian alpini during Russia's retreat.

In 1962, Stern demonstrates its genuine talents of Narrator giving stampsand the woods of the capercaillie, which enshrines the universal and personal lives in his writings: the great love of a man for his land. The link between memory and nature becomes the essence of his work.

The clear and simple personal-historical re-enactment continues with the story of Tönle (1978) — portrait of a shepherd through the seasons of life that intersect with the big story — a story from Crystal clear writing and of immense narrative power.

Background of simple stories and suffered continues with the year of victory (1985) and ended with the seasons of Giacomo (1995), the story of the return to life of a community.

Stern has collaborated with «La Stampa», for whom he has written short stories, in addition to devote himself to historical studies, including the recent volume 1915/18 war Highlands. Between the two world wars and other stories brings together cinquattotto stories written between 1975 and 2000. A good portion of these stories appeared in 1989 in the third page of the Turin newspaper under the title the magic Kolobok.

Sick for some time, the news of his death, which took place at the June 16, 2008 Asiago, expressed willingness of the writer, is disclosed only 18, the funeral took place. A collection of signatures submitted by the Friends of the mountain Group, Parliament, had Stern candidate for the post of Senator for life.


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